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Abernethy, John (1680-1740)  en
Sermons on various subjects, ed. James Duchal (London : D. Browne, C. Davis, and A. Millar)
Vol. 3 (1751)
Vol. 4 (1751) GB 
Vol. 1 (1762) IA 
Vol. 2 (1762) IA 
Vol. 3 (1762) IA 
Vol. 4 (1762) IA 
Sermons on various subjects / by John Abernethy ; with a large preface containing the life of the author (London : D. Browne ... [etc.], 1748)
Abraham ibn Ezra (c.1089-1164)  en
[ Jewish ]
The commentary of Ibn Ezra on Isaiah (London : Pub. by N. Trübner)
Vol. 2 (1873)
Vol. 3 (1873) IA 
Acosta, José de, S.J. (1539-1600)  en
The natural & moral history of the Indies
London : Hakluyt Society, 1880IA 
London : Hakluyt society
Vol. 60 (1880) IA 
Vol. 61 (1880) IA 
The natvrall and morall historie of the East and West Indies (London : V. Sims for E. Blount and W. Aspley, 1604)
Adam, Melchior (-1622)  en de
The life and death of Dr. Martin Lvther; the passages whereof haue bin taken out of his owne and other Godly and most learned, mens writings, who liued in his time
London : I.L., 1641GB 
Adams, Amos (1727-1775)  en
A concise, historical view of the difficulties, hardships, and perils which attended the planting and progressive improvements of New-England: With a particular account of its long and destructive wars, expensive expeditions, &c (London : Edward and Charles Dilly, in the Poultry, 1770)
Adams, Thomas (1583-1652)  en
The blacke devil or the apostate Together with the wolfe worrying the lambes. And the spiritual navigator, bound for the Holy Land. In three sermons. By Thomas Adams. ([London] : William Iaggard, 1615)
The deuills banket described in foure sermons [brace], 1. The banket propounded, begunne, 2. The second seruice, 3. The breaking vp of the feast, 4. The shot or reckoning, [and] The sinners passing-bell, together with Phisicke from heauen (London : Thomas Snodham for Ralph Mab, and are to be sold in Paules Churchyard, at the signe of the Grayhound, 1614)
Diseases of the soule a discourse diuine, morall, and physicall. By Tho. Adams. (London : George Purslowe for Iohn Budge, and are to be sold at the great south-dore of Paules, and at Brittaines Bursse, 1616)
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