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Mede, Joseph (1586-1638)  en
Clauis apocalyptica ex innatis et insitis visionum characteribus eruta et demonstrata. Ad eorum usum quibus deus amorem studiâumq[ue] indiderit prophetiam illam admirandam cognoscendi scrutandâique. (Cantabrigiæ : [T. and J. Buck] impensis authoris, in gratiam amicorum, 1627)
Clavis apocalyptica (Cantabrigia, 1649)
Clavis apocalyptica ex innatis et insitis visionum characteribus eruta et demonstrata
Cantabrigia, 1641BSB 
Cantabrigiae, 1641GB 
Cantabrigiae, 1649GB 
Opuscula Latina ad rem Apocalypticam fere spectantia; quorum catalogum dabit versa pagina (Cantabrigiae : Thomam Buck, 1652)
Milton, John (1608-1674)
Joannis Miltoni Angli De doctrina Christiana : libri duo posthumi, quos ex schedis manuscriptis deprompsit, et typis mandari primus (Cantabrigiae : Typis Academicus, J. Smith, 1825)
A treatise on Christian doctrine : compiled from the Holy Scriptures alone ([Cambridge, Eng.] : Cambridge University Press, 1825)
More, Henry (1614-1687)
Psychozōia, or A christiano-platonicall display of life (Cambridge, 1642)
The Second Lash Of Alazonomastix : Conteining a Solid and Serious Reply to a very uncivill Answer to certain Observations upon Anthroposophia Theomagica, and Anima Magica Abscondita (Cambridge : Printers to the University of Cambridge, 1651)
Morton, Thomas (bap.1564-1659)  en
Antidotum Adversus Ecclesiae Romanae De Merito propriè dicto Ex Condigno Venenum : Ex antiquae Ecclesiae Catholicae Testimoniis locupletißimis confectum: Juxta Ecclesiae Anglicanae, & Protestantium omnium unanimem sententiam ... (Cantabrigiae : Acad. Typogr., 1637)
Antidotum adversus Ecclesiae Romane de Merito proprie dicto ex Condigno Venetum
Cantabrigia, 1637BSB 
Cantabrigiae, 1637GB 
Totius Doctrinalis Controversiae De Eucharistia Decisio : Juxta articulum Fidei Catholicum in antiquis Patribus, De Non-coexistentia Corporis Christi in diversis locis ; Unà cum Protestantium omnium communi consensu (Cantabrigiae : Daniel, 1640)
Newton, Sir Isaac (1642-1727)  en
Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. Auctore Isaaco Newtono (Cantabrigiae [i.e. Cambridge], 1713)
Nowell, Alexander (c.1507-1602)  en
A catechism (Cambridge : University Press, 1853)
Oakes, Urian (1631-1681)
New-England pleaded with, and pressed to consider the things which concern her peace at least in this her day, or, A seasonable and serious word of faithful advice to the churches and people of God, primarily those in the Massachusets Colony, musingly to ponder, and bethink themselves, what is the tendency, and what will cetainly be the sad issue, of sundry unchristian and crooked wayes which too too [sic] many have been turning aside unto, if persisted and gone on in delivered in a sermon preached at Boston in New-England, May 7, 1673, being the day of election there (Cambridge : Samuel Green, 1673)
A seasonable discourse wherein sincerity & delight in the service of God is earnestly pressed upon professors of religion delivered on a publick fast at Cambridge in New-England, by the reverend and learned Urian Oakes, late pastor of the church there, and president of Harvard Colledge. (Cambridge [Mass.] : Samuel Green, 1682)
The unconquerable, all-conquering, & more-then-conquering souldier, or, The successful warre which a believer wageth with the enemies of his soul as also, the absolute and unparalleld victory that he obtains finally over them through the love of God in Jesus Christ : as it was discussed in a sermon preached at Boston in New-England, on the day of the artillery-election there, June 3d., 1692 (Cambridge : Samuel Green, 1674)
Paley, William (1743-1805)  en
Horae Paulinae, or, The truth of the Scripture history of St. Paul : evinced by a comparison of the Epistles which bear his name, with the Acts of the Apostles (Cambridge [Mass.] : W. Hilliard, 1806)
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