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Alleine, Joseph (1634-1668)  en
The solemn warnings of the dead: or, An admonition to unconverted sinners (New York, N.Y. : Daniel Hitt, for the Methodist Connection in the United States, 1811)
Arminius, Jacob (1560-1609)  en nl
The works of James Arminius, D. D., formerly professor of divinity in the University of Leyden
Auburn, N.Y. : Derby and Miller, 1853IA 
Vol. 1 (1853) IA 
Vol. 2 (1853) IA 
Vol. 3 (1853) IA 
Brett, Thomas (1667-1744)
The divine right of episcopacy, and the necessity of an episcopal commission for preaching God's word, and for the valid ministration of the Christian sacraments, proved from the Holy Scriptures, and the doctrine and practice of the primitive church (London, Printed for Henry Clements : at the Half Moon in S. Paul's Church-yard, 1718)
Bullinger, Heinrich (1504-1575)  en de
An holsome antidotus or counter-poysen, agaynst the pestylent heresye and secte of the Anabaptistes newly translated out of lati[n] into Englysh by Iohn Veron, Senonoys. (Imprintyd at London : Humfrey Powell, dwellyng aboue Holburne Conduit, 1548)
Butler, Joseph (1692-1752)  en
The works of ... Joseph Butler ... to which is prefixed, an account of the character and writings of the author (N.Y. : Carter, 1848)
Calmet, Augustine, O.S.B. (1672-1757)  en fr
Bibliothèque lorraine, ou Histoire des hommes illustres qui ont fleuri en Lorraine, dans les Trois Évêchés, dans l'archevêché de Trèves, dans le duché de Luxembourg, etc. (Nancy : A. Leseure, 1751)
Champier, Symphorien (1471-1538)  en
Le recueil ou chronique des hystoires des royaumes d'Austrasie ou France orientale dite a present Lorrayne : de Hierusalem de Cicile : et de la duchesse de Bar : ensemble des faictz contes et cuelques de tou contenant sept livres tant en latin que en françoys / Champier (Nancy, 1510)
Comenius, Johann Amos (1592-1670)  en
The labyrinth of the world and the paradise of the heart (Syracuse, N.Y. : C.W. Bardeen, 1905)
The Orbis pictus of John Amos Comenius
Syracuse, N.Y. : C.W. Bardeen, 1887IA 
Emser, Hieronymus (1478-1527)
Das New Testament (Neyß, 1571)
Goodwin, John (c.1594-1665)  en
Hybristodikai.: The obstructours of justice. Or a defence of the honourable sentence passed upon the late King, by the High Court of Justice. Opposed chiefly to the serious and faithfull representation and vindication of some of the ministers of London. As also to, The humble addresse of Dr. Hamond, to His Excellencie and Councel of warre. Wherein the justice, and equitie of the said sentence is demonstratively asserted, as well upon clear texts of Scripture, as principles of reason, grounds of law, authorities, presidents, as well forreign, as domestique. Together with, a brief reply to Mr. John Geree's book, intituled, Might overcoming right: wherein the act of the Armie in garbling the Parliament, is further cleared. As also, some further reckonings between thesaid [sic] Dr. Hamond and the authour, made straight. (London : Printed for Henry Cripps, and Lodowick Lloyd : and are to be sold in Popes-head-Alley, 1649)
Günther, Owen (1532-1615)
De Felicitate, Seu Fine Hominis : Disputatio Philosophica / Magistri Oveni Guntheri .? (Rostochii Iacobvs Transylvanvs Excvdebat .?, 1569)
Gurnall, William (1616-1679)
Y Cristion mewn cyflawn arfogaeth, neu, Draethawd am ryfel y saint yn erbyn y diafol (Dinbych : Thomas Gee, 1862)
Guthrie, William (1620-1665)
The christian's great interest .. (Salem, N.Y. : Dodd & Rumsey, 1804)
Hall, Thomas (1610-1665)  en
A practical and polemical commentary: or, exposition upon the third and fourth chapters of the latter epistle of Saint Paul to Timothy, wherein the text is explained, some controversies discussed, sundry cases of conscience are cleared, many common places are succinctly handled, and divers ... (Henry Mortlock : E. Tyler, for John Starkey, 1658)
Hooker, Richard (1554-1600)  en
Of the laws of ecclesiastical polity, vol. 2 (Binghamton, N.Y. : Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies, 1993)

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