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Whitaker, William (1548-1595)  en
Opera theologica: duobus tomis nunc primum collecta (1610) [2 vols. in 1]
Willet, Andrew (c.1561-1621)  en
Hexapla in Danielem, that is, A six-fold commentarie upon the most divine prophesie of Daniel (Cambridge : Leonard Greene, 1610)
Hexapla in Danielem: that is, A six-fold commentarie vpon the most diuine prophesie of Daniel wherein according to the method propounded in Hexapla vpon Genesis and Exodus, sixe things are obserued in euery chapter. 1. The argument and method. 2. The diuers readings. 3. The questions discussed. 4. Doctrines noted. 5. Controversies handled. 6. Morall observations applyed. Wherein many obscure visions, and diuine prophesies are opened, and difficult questions handled with great breuitie, perspicuitie, and varietie ... and the best interpreters both old and new are therein abridged. Diuided into two bookes ... By Andrevv Willet Professour of Diuinitie. The first booke. ([Cambridge] : Cantrell Legge, printer to the Vniuersitie of Cambridge, 1610)
Winckelmann, Johannes (1551-1626)
Augustanae confessionis articuli thesibus comprehensi et illustrati (Giessae Hassorum, 1610)
Disputationum Theologicarum, De Praecipuis Quibusdam Horum Temporum Controversiis, in Academia Giessena publice habitarum, Tomus ... / a disputationum Praesidibus Johanne Winckelmanno, Ss. Theol. Doct. & Professore: Et Balthasare Mentzero, Ss. Theolog. Doctore & Professore (Giessae Hassorum : Hampelius, 1610)
Zanchi, Girolamo (1516-1590)  en de
De Divinatione Tam Artificiosa, Quam Artis Experte, Et Utriusque variis speciebus Tractatus : Olim Stvdiosae Juventvti In Schola Argentinensi publicè praelectus. Accessit Tractatvs Thomae Erasti Medici clarissimi De Astrologia Diuinatrice (Hanoviae : Antonius, 1610)
HIERONYMI ZANCHII BERGOMATIS Theologi celeberrimi De DIVINATIONE TAM ARTIFICIOSA, QUAM ARTIS EXPERTE, ET UTRIUSque variis speciebus TRACTATUS, OLIM STUDIOSAE JUVENTUTI IN Schola Argentinensi publice praelectus, nunc vero in gratiam eiusdem ab haeredibus primum in lucem editus (Apud Guilielmum Antonium, 1610)
Hieronymi Zanchii Bergomatis Theologi celeberrimi De Divinatione Tam Artificiosa, Qvam Artis Experte, Et Vtrivsque variis speciebus Tractatvs: Olim Stvdiosae Juventvti In Schola Argentinensi publicè praelectus. Accessit Tractatvs Thoame Erasti Medici clarissimi De Astrologia Diuinatrice (Antonius, 1610)
Hieronymi Zanchii de divinatione tam artificiosa, quam artis experte, et utriusque variis speciebus. Accessit tractatus Thomae Erasti de astrologia divinatrice. (Hanoviae : apud G. Antonium, 1610) / added author(s): Thomas Erastus
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