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Bate, Julius (1710-1771)  en
A Defence of Mr. Hutchinson's Plan: Being an Answer to the Modest Apology, &c. in a Letter to the Country-clergyman (James Hodges: and M. Cooper, 1748)
The Faith of the Ancient Jews in the Law of Moses, and the Evidence of the Types Vindicated. In a Letter to the Rev. Dr. Stebbing. By Julius Bate, ... (printed, and sold by M. Cooper; and W. Owen, 1747)
An Hebrew Grammar: Formed on the Usage of the Words by the Inspired Writers: Being, an Attempt to Make the Learning of Hebrew Easy. By Julius Bate, A.M. (J. Hodges, 1751)
Michah V. 2. and Mat. II. 6. Reconciled; with Some Remarks on Dr. Hunt's Latin Oration at Oxford 1748. And Dr. Grey's Last Words of David. And David's Numbering the People. By Julius Bate, ... (James Hodges, and Mary Cooper, 1749)
The Scripture Meaning of Aleim and Berith Justified Against the Exceptions of Dr. Sharp in His Two Dissertations Concerning Elohim and Berith (E. Withers, 1751)
The Use and Intent of Prophecy, and History of the Fall: Cleared from the Objections in Dr. C. Middleton's Examination of the Lord Bishop of London's Discourses Concerning Them. With Some Cursory Animadversions on a Letter, &c. to Dr. Waterland in 1731. ... By Julius Bate, A.M. (M. Cooper, 1750)
Baudouin, François (c.1520-1573)
Franc. Balduini Catechesis iuris ante Justinianei atque Justinianei: cum autoris vita, instructo Indice, ac Præfatione de causis iuris incerti (Erfordiae : Jungnicolius, 1747)
Bauer, Christian Friedrich (1696-1752)
Ad Ordinis Theologorvm Solennem Panegyrin Qva D. XXV. Maii MDCCXlvii Wittebergae In Templo Ad Arcem Academico S. S. Theologiae Doctor Festo Pioqve Ritv Renvnciabitvr Rectorem Academiae Magnificvm Partes Academiae Conscriptos Cvm Litteratis Ac Litterarvm Favtoribvs Omnibvs Observantissime / Invitat D. Christianvs Frider. Baver S. S. Theol. Prof. Pvbl. Alvmn. Reg. Elect. Ephorvs H. T. Pro-Cancellarivs ([Wittenberg] : Eichsfeld, 1747)
Disputatio Theologica De Genuflexione Coram Christo Iudice (Wittenbergae, 1748)
Baumeister, Friedrich Christian (1709-1785)
Anfangsgründe der Redekunst in kurzen Sätzen (1751)
Elementa philosophiae recentioris usibus juventutis scholasticae accommodata
J.F. Gleditsch, 1747GB 
Institutiones metaphysicae: Methodo Wolfii adornatae (1749)
M. Frid. Christiani Bavmeisteri, Avgvsti Gymnasii Gorlicensis Rectoris Elementa Philosophiae Recentioris: Vsibvs Ivventvtis Scholasticae Accomodata Et Plvribvs Sententiis ... illvstrata (Gleditsch, 1747)
Baumgarten, Siegmund Jakob (1706-1757)
Academiae Fridericianae Prorector, Sigismvnd Iacobvs Bavmgarten, S. Theol. D. Et Prof. ... Vna Cvm Directore, Cancellario Totoqve Senatv Academico, Sacra Pentecostalia, Proposita Comparatione Inter Adscensionem Eliae Et Christi, Cvm Respectv Ad Illa Ipsa Pentecostalia Sacra, Civibvs Academiae Pie Celebranda Indicit (Halae Magdeb. : Hendel, 1749)
Auslegung des Briefes Jacobi (1750)
Commentatio De Genealogia Iesv Domini / Qva Natalem Ipsivs Academiae Nomine Indixit Sigism. Iac. Bavmgarten. (Grunert, 1749)
D. Siegmund Jacob Baumgartens Auslegung des Briefes Pauli an die Römer
Gebauer, 1749GB 
Halle : Gebauer, 1749ULBH 
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