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Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)  en de
A call to the unconverted, to turn and live, and accept of mercy while mercy may be had
New York : American Tract Society, 1830GB 
New York : American Tract Society, 1835IA 
A call to the unconverted. To which are added several valuable essays
Boston : Lincoln and Edmands, 1829GB 
Boston : Lincoln and Edmands, 1831GB 
The certainty of the world of spirits fully evinced. By Richard Baxter. To which is added The wonders of the invisible world by Cotton Mather. The former taken from the edition published by Mr. Baxter, 1691 ... The latter from the 'Ecclesiastical history of New England', published 1702 (London : Joseph Smith, 1834)
The certainty of the world of spirits fully evinced. By Richard Baxter. To which is added, The wonders of the invisible world. By Cotton Mather (London : Joseph Smith, 1834) / added author(s): Cotton Mather
Converse with God in solitude [abridged ed.], ed. Benjamin Fawcett (New York : C. Wells, 1833)
Converse with God in Solitude, etc (James Nisbet, 1829)
Directions for Weak Distempered Christians, to grow up to a confirmed state of grace, etc. (The Character of a Sound Confirmed Christian. As also, 2. of a weak Christian: and 3. of a seeming Christian ... The second part of the Directions for weak Christians.) (Holdsworth & Ball, 1835)
The Dying Thoughts of the Reverend Learned and Holy Mr. Richard Baxter ... Abridged by Benjamin Fawcett ... The second edition (R.T.S., 1830)
Der Evangelische Geistliche
Reutlingen : Verlag der lithographischen Anstalt und Verlagsbuchhandlung von Mäcken, 1837GB 
2nd ed. / Berlin : Eichler, 1834GB 
Der evangelische Geistliche: Ermahnungen an Prediger ..., 2nd ed. (Eichler, 1834)
Die ewige Ruhe der Heiligen (D. Janshaw, 1838)
Geschichten aus der Geisterwelt: als Beweise für das Daseyn einer solchen (F.F. Haspel, 1838)
Hanner cant o resymau paham y dylai pechadur droi at dduw heddyw, heb oedi (Stanhope Press: Cyhoeddwyd gan E. Jones, 1833)
Jesuit juggling (London, 1835)
Jesuit juggling: Forty popish frauds detected and disclosed (Craighead & Allen, 1835)
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