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Hall, Joseph (1574-1656)  en
No peace with Rome: wherein is proved, that, as terms now stand, there can be no reconcilation of the reformed religion with the Romish : and that the Romanists are in all the fault (ReV. Pickering, 1852)
Harris, James (1709-1780)
Lord Malmesbury, Tagebücher u. diplomatischer Briefwechsel seines Großvaters James Harris, Earl v. Malmesbury während seiner Missionen bei den Höfen von Berlin, Petersburg, dem Haag, Madrid u. Paris, vol. 2 (1852)
Heywood, Oliver (1630-1702)  en
Heart treasure : or, The furniture of the soul (Philadelphia : American Baptist Publication Society, 1852)
Hooper, John (c.1495-1555)  en
Later writings of Bishop Hooper, together with his letters and other pieces
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1852IA 
Jones, William (1726-1800)
Catholic Doctrine of a Trinity: With a Brief Notice of the Life of the Author (Stanford & Swords, 1852)
Ken, Thomas (1637-1711)  en
Approach to the holy altar
London : W. Pickering, 1852IA 
2nd ed. / William Pickering, 1852GB 
Approach to the holy altar. From 'Manual of prayer' and 'Practice of divine love'.
2nd ed. / 1852GB 
Exposition of the Apostles' Creed by Bishop Ken. From his “Practice of Divine Love.” [The introduction signed: I. L. A., i.e. John L. Anderdon.] (William Pickering, 1852)
Exposition of the Apostles' creed. From 'Practice of divine love'., ed. John Lavicount Anderdon (1852)
Kingo, Thomas (1634-1703)  en
T. Kingo, Biskop i Fyen. En Levnetsbeskrivelse (1852)
La Chétardie, Joachim Trotti de (1636-1714)
Cours complet de doctrine chrétienne contenant le catéchisme de Bourges (Pélagaud ;Paris, 1852)
Laurence, Roger (1670-1736)
An essay on confession, penance, and absolution, occasioned by two sermons [by G. Burnet] preached November, 1710. Repr. [from Sacerdotal powers, abridged by W. Gresley]., ed. William Gresley (1852)
Love, Christopher (1618-1651)  en
Den strydt tusschen vleesch en geest: voorgesteld in verscheidene predicatien, 2nd ed. (1852)
Massoulié, Antonin, O.P. (1632-1706)
Méditations de St Thomas sur les trois vies purgative, illuminative et unitive pour les exercices de dix jours avec la pratique des méditations du même St Thomas ou traité des vertus ... (Dieulafoy, 1852)
Mexía, Pedro (c.1496-c.1552)
Historiadores de sucesos particulares, ed. Cayetano Rosell, vol. 21 (M. Rivadeneyra, 1852)
Newcome, Henry (bap.1627-1695)  en
The autobiography of Henry Newcome, M.A.
Chetham society, 1852GB 
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