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Estius, Guilielmus (1542-1613)  en nl
In omnes Pauli Epistolas, item in Catholicas Commentarii, vol. 5 (Moguntiae, 1843)
Fleming, Robert (c.1660-1716)
Apocalyptical key. An extraordinary discourse on the rise and fall of papacy: or, The pouring out of the vials, in the Revelation of St. John, Chap. XVI (J.M. Campbell & Co., 1843)
Fleury, Claude (1640-1723)
The Ecclesiastical History of M. L'abbé Fleury: From the second ecumenical council to the end of the fourth centry, ed. John Henry Newman (John Henry Parker, 1843)
Foxe, John (c.1516-1587)  en
The acts and monuments of John Foxe : with a life of the martyrologists, and vindication of the work by George Townsend (London Seeley, Burnside : and Seeley)
Vol. 2 (1843)
Vol. 5 (1843) IA 
Vol. 7 (1843) IA 
The English martyrology abridged from Fox (Philadelphia : Presbyterian Board of Publication)
Vol. 1 (1843)
Vol. 2 (1843) IA 
Fulke, William (1538-1589)
A defence of the sincere and true translations of the Holy Scriptures into the English tongue, against the cavils of Gregory Martin
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1843IA 
A defence of the sincere and true translations of the Holy Scriptures into the English tongue,against the cavils of Gregory Martin (Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1843)
Grindal, Edmund (c.1516-1583)
The remains of Edmund Grindal (Cambridge : University Press, 1843)
The remains of Edmund Grindal: successively Bishop of London and Archbishop of York and Canterbury, ed. Rev. William Nicholson (University Press, 1843)
Hess, Johann Jakob (1741-1828)
Briefe über die Offenbarung Johannes: Hrsg. nach d. hs. Mittheilung d. Verewigten v. e. Freund u. Verehrer desselben (Buchdr. zum Großen Erker [veränd.:] Hanke in Comm., 1843)
Hobbes, Thomas (1588-1679)  en
The English works of Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury, ed. Sir William Molesworth, vol. 9 (London : J. Bohn, 1843)
Hooper, John (c.1495-1555)  en
Early Writings of John Hooper, D. D., Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Worcester, Martyr, 1555, ed. Samuel Carr (Cambridge : The University Press, 1843)
Early writings of John Hooper. Comprising The declaration of Christ and his office. Answer to Bishop Gardiner. Ten commandments. Sermons, on Jonas. Funeral sermon
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1843IA 
Cambridge : University press, 1843IA 
Hutton, Charles (1737-1823)
A Course of Mathematics in Two Volumes, Composed for the Use of the Royal Military Academy by Charles Hutton, 12th ed., vol. 2 (Longman, Brown & Company, 1843)
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