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Rousseau, Jean-Jacques (1712-1778)
Oeuvres de J.J. Rousseau citoyen de Genève (Paris : Déterville et Lefèvre)
Vol. 17 (1817)
Vol. 18 (1817) IA 
Œuvres: Projet concernant de nouveaux signes de musique. Dissertation sur la musique moderne. Essai sur l'origine des langues. Lettres. Examen de deux principes avancés par m. Rameau. Lettre. Fragments d'observations sur l'Alceste italien de m. le chevalier Gluck. Extrait d'une réponse du Petit ... (Deterville, 1817)
Œuvres: Quatre lettres à m. le président de Malesherbes. Les rêveries du promeneur solitaire. Rousseau juge de Jean-Jacques (Deterville, 1817)
Scott, Thomas (1747-1821)
Remarks on the Refutation of Calvinism by George Tomline, D.D., F.R.S., Lord Bishop of Lincoln and Dean of St. Paul's, London (London : A. MacIntosh, and sold by L.B. Seeley, 1817)
Remarks on The refutation of Calvinism, by George Tomline, D. D. FRS, Lord Bishop of Lincoln, and dean of St. Paul's, London (Philadelphia : W. W. Woodward)
Vol. 1 (1817)
Vol. 2 (1817) IA 
Remarks on The refutation of Calvinism, by George Tomline, D. D. FRS. Lord Bishop of Lincoln, and dean of St. Paul's, London
W. W. Woodward, no. 52, corner of Second and Chestnut Streets, 1817GB 
Vol. 1 (1817) GB 
Philadelphia, Published by W. W. Woodward, no. 52 : corner of Second and Chestnut Streets
Vol. 1 (1817) IA 
Treatises on various theological subjects, vol. 1 (Clark, 1817)
Scupoli, Lorenzo (1530-1610)
The spiritual combat ; to which is added, The peace of the soul, and the happiness of the heart, which dies to itself, in order to live to God (Bernard Dornin, 1817)
Seel, Wilhelm Heinrich (1725-1793)
Vom Weltuntergange (1817)
Spangenberg, Johann (1484-1550)  de
Einleitung in das Römisch-Justinianische Rechtsbuch oder Corpus iuris civilis romani (1817)
Stackhouse, Thomas (1677-1752)
A history of the holy Bible, corrected and improved by G. Gleig, ed. George Gleig (bp. of Brechin)
ed. George Gleig (bp. of Brechin) (1817)GB 
A History of the Holy Bible, from the Beginning of the World to the Establishment of Christianity, ed. George Gleig (Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1817)
Stanhope, George (1660-1728)
A paraphrase and comment upon all the Epistles & Gospels appointed to be used in the Church of England on all Sundays and Holy-days, 10th ed., vol. 1 (Nunn, Cadell and Davies, 1817)
Stillingfleet, Edward (1635-1699)  en
Origines sacrae: or a rational account of the grounds of natural and revealed religion ... together with a letter to a deist
Clarendon Press, 1817GB 
Vol. 1 (1817) GB 
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