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Nicole, Pierre (1625-1695)
A new method of learning with facility the Latin tongue: containing the rules of genders, declensions, preterites, syntax, quantity, and the Latin accents, digested in the clearest and concisest order, vol. 2 (F. Wingrave, 1797)
Owen, Henry (1716-1795)
Sixteen sermons on various subjects (J. Nichols, 1797)
Owen, John (1616-1683)  en
The doctrine of justification by faith, through the imputation of the righteousness of Christ, explained, confirmed, and vindicated (Luckman & Suffield, 1797)
A view of the nature, order, and communion of the churches of Christ as exhibited in the New Testament : extracted from Dr. John Owen's treatise on evangelical churches .. (Edinburgh : Thomas Maccliesh and Co., 1797)
Paine, Thomas (1737-1806)
Lettres sur les cultes (1797)
Paley, William (1743-1805)  en
Horae Paulinae [microform] : Wilh. Paley's ... Beweis der Glaubwürdigkeit der Geschichte und der Aechtheit der Schriften des Apostels Paulus aus ihren wechselseitigen Beziehungen auf einander, aus dem Englischen (Helmstädt : C. G. Fleckeisen, 1797)
Parry, William (1754-1819)
An Inquiry Into the Nature and Extent of the Inspiration of the Apostles, and Other Writers of the New Testament: Conducted with a View to Some Late Opinions on the Subject. By William Parry, vol. 4 (Author, and sold, 1797)
Pearson, John (1613-1686)
An Exposition of the Creed (The Clarendon Press)
Vol. 1 (1797)
Vol. 2 (1797) GB 
An exposition of the Creed (Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1797)
Penn, William (1644-1718)  en
[ Quaker ]
No cross, no crown : a discourse shewing the nature and discipline of the holy cross of Christ, and that the denial of self and daily bearing of Christ's cross is the alone way to the rest and kingdom of God (Philadelphia : Benjamin & Jacob Johnson, 1797)
Pictet, Bénédict (1655-1724)  en fr
True and False Religion examined; the Christian Religion defended; and the Protestant Reformation vindicated: in a series of discourses [“Huit Sermons sur l'examen des Religions”]. ... Translated from the French, by A. Bruce, etc (1797)
Pirie, Alexander (1737-1804)
The Duties and Qualifications of a Gospel Missionary: a Sermon, Preached Before the Glasgow Missionary Society, November 7, 1797. By Alexander Pirie .. (printed in the Courier Office, 1797)
Priestley, Joseph (1733-1804)  en
The theological and miscellaneous works of Joseph Priestley, ed. John Towill Rutt, vol. 17 (G. Smallfield, 1797)
Ringwaldt, Bartholomäus (1530-1599)  de en
Leipzig : Linke, 1797BSB 
Leipzig : Richter, 1797SBB 
Robinson, Robert (1735-1790)
A plan of lectures on the principles of nonconformity: for the instruction of catechumens (C. Sutton, 1797)
Scott, Thomas (1747-1821)
Sermons on select subjects (Buckingham : J. Seeley, sold by L.B. Seeley, 1797)
Scupoli, Lorenzo (1530-1610)
Pugna spriritualis (1797)
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