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Geddes, Alexander (1737-1802)
Letter to a Member of Parliament, on the case of the Protestant dissenters, and the expediency of a general repeal of all penal statutes that regard religious opinions (London : R. Faulder, 1787)
A letter to the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of London: containing queries, doubts and difficulties, relative to a vernacular version of the Holy Scriptures. Being an appendix to A prospectus of a new translation of the Bible from a corrected text of the originals, &c (London : J. Davis, for Robert Faulder, 1787)
Gerbert, Martin (1720-1793)
Solitudo sacra seu Exercitia spiritualia octo, vel Decem dierum ex doctrina, et exemplis SS. Scripturae, et SS. Patrum in usum pastorum ecclesiae [auctore M. Gerberto.] (apud Nicolaum Doll, 1787)
Gerhard, Johann (1582-1637)  en de
Loci theologici: cum pro adstruenda veritate tum pro destruenda quorumvis contradicentium falsitate per theses nervose solide et solide et copiose explicatit, Part 1 (sumtibus [sic] Jo. Georgii Cottae, 1787)
Gmeiner, Franz Xaver (1752-1822)
Epitome Historiae Ecclesiasticae N.T.: In Usum Praelectionum Academicarum. Complectens Duas Epochas Priores, vol. 1 (Weingand, 1787)
Granada, Luis de, O.P. (1504-1588)
Obras. [Followed by] Vida, por L. Muñoz (1787)
Gregory, James (1752-1821)
Theory of the moods of verbs. From the transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (1787)
Griesbach, Johann Jakob (1745-1812)
D. Johann Jakob Griesbach's, Sachsen Weimar- und Eisenachischen Geheimen Kirchenraths und ersten Lehrers der Theologie zu Jena, Anleitung zum Studium der populären Dogmatik, besonders für künftige Religionslehrer (Jena : Cuno, 1787)
Groe, Theodorus van der (1705-1784)
Verzameling van biddagspredikatiën ... (Henricus van Otterloo, 1787)
Hale, Matthew (1609-1676)  en
A collection of tracts relative to the law of England: from manuscripts, ed. Francis Hargrave, vol. 1 (E. Lynch, W. Colles, 1787)
Halma, François (1653-1722)
Nieuwen woorden-boek der Nederduytsche en Fransche taelen (Gebroeders Gimblet, 1787)
Hess, Johann Jakob (1741-1828)
Lebensgeschichte Jesu, 6th ed. (Schramm, 1787)
Hobbes, Thomas (1588-1679)  en
Le corps politique: et La nature humaine (de l'Imprimerie de la Société typographique, 1787)
Oeuvres philosophique et politiques de Thomas Hobbes (Société typographique)
Vol. 1 (1787)
Vol. 2 (1787) GB 
Oeuvres philosophiques et politiques de Thomas Hobbes..., trans. Samuel Sorbière, Paul Henri Dietrich Holbach
trans. Samuel Sorbière, Paul Henri Dietrich Holbach (Neufchâtel : impr. de la Société typographique, 1787)BNF 
Vol. 1 (1787) BNF 
Hutcheson, Francis (1694-1746)  en
A short introduction to moral philosophy: In three parts. Containing the elements of ethicks and the law of nature (W. McKenzie, 1787)
Hutton, Charles (1737-1823)
Elements of conic sections;: with select exercises in various branches of mathematics and philosophy. For the use of the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich (J. Davis. Sold by G.G.J. and J. Robinson, Paternoster-Row., 1787)
Jacobi, Friedrich Heinrich (1743-1819)
David Hume über den Glauben oder Idealismus und Realismus: ein Gespräch (Breslau : G. Loewe, 1787)
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