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Dodd, William (1729-1777)
Discourses on the miracles and parables of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ .. (London : T. Waller, and W. Faden, and E. Dilly)
Vol. 1 (1757)
Vol. 2 (1757) IA 
Vol. 3 (1757) IA 
Vol. 4 (1757) IA 
Dove, John (-1772)
A Dissertation upon the suppose existence of the Moral Law of Nature and upon the being of a Trinne God
Wither, 1757GB 
London : Wither, 1757BSB 
A dissertation upon the supposed existence of a moral law of nature, and upon the being of a triune god. Wherein is shewn that the idea of the former is not to be found in scripture, and is contrary to reason: and that the latter is contained in scripture, and is not contrary to reason. With a letter to the Right Reverend Thomas, Lord Bishop of Oxford. And a postscript to the Dunciad, the critical and monthly reviewers (London : author and sold by E. Withers ..., 1757)
Echard, Laurence (c.1670-1730)
Dizionario Geografico Portatile: Ovvero Descrizione di tutti i Regni, Provincie, Città, Patriarcati, Vescovati, Forti, Fortezze, Cittadelle, ... In Cui Dichiarasi in qual Regno, Provincia, o Distretto questi luoghi si trovano, i Prencipi, a cui sono soggetti ... (Remondini, 1757)
Eenhoorn, Wilhelmus van (1691-1759)
Op het aanstaande vertrek van den veel-eerwaarden [...] heer Simon Boitet, van Maarssen naar Middelburg beroepen (1757)
Erasmus, Desiderius (c.1466-1536)  en de
L'eloge de la folie, trans. Nicolas Gueudeville (1757)
Ernesti, Johann August (1707-1781)
Io. Avgvsti Ernesti Clavis Ciceroniana Sive Indices Rervm Et Verborvm Philologico-Critici In Opera Ciceronis : Accedvnt Graeca Ciceronis Necessariis Observationibvs Illvstrata (Halae : Orphanotropheum, 1757)
Orationem Panegyricam In Diem Natalem Serenissimi Ac Potentissimi Principis Friderici Quinti, Daniae Norvegiae, Vandalorum Gothorumque Regis ... Recitandam Indicit Ad Eamque Audiendam Rectorem Academiae Magnificum Illustreissimos Comites ... (Lipsiae, 1757)
Evans, Theophilus (1693-1767)  en
The History of Modern Enthusiasm: From the Reformation to the Present Times (1757)
Everard, John (c.1584-c.1640)
Some gospel treasures, or, The holiest of all unvailing : in several sermons, discovering yet more the riches of grace and glory to the vessels of mercy ... in several sermons, preached at Kensington and elsewhere (Germantown : Christopher Sower, 1757)
Fassonus, Liberatus (1720-1775)
De cognitione S. Joannis Baptistae in matris utero exsultantis adversus Samuelem Basnagium dissertatio. Auctore Liberato Fassoni (etc.)
ex typographia Joannis Zempel apud Montem Jordanum, 1757GB 
De puellarum monasteriis canone 38. Epaonensis concilii celebratis dissertatio canonico-historico-theologica publice habita a Liberato Fassoni (ex Typographia Joannis Zempel, 1757)
De puellarum monasteriis canone XXXVIII Epaonensis concilii celebratis dissertatio canonico-historico-theologica (Zempel, 1757)
De puellarum monasteriis canone XXXVIII. Epaonensis concilii celebratis dissertatio canonico-historico-theologica publice habita a Liberato Fassoni (etc.) (ex typographia Joannis Zempel, 1757)
Fisher, Edward (fl.1627-1655)
Mergh des Evangeliums (1757)
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