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Doddridge, Philip (1702-1751)
Quatre sermons sur l'éducation religieuse des enfans (Jean Zimmerli impr., 1746)
Dodwell, Henry (1706-1784)
Christianity not founded on argument; and the true principle of gospel-evidence assigned: in a letter to a young gentleman at Oxford (London : M. Cooper, 1746)
Dove, John (-1772)
The Importance of Rabbinical learning : or the advantage of understanding the rites, customs, usages, ... of the Talmudists ... (London, 1746)
The importance of rabbinical learning, or, the advantage of understanding the rites, customs, usages, phraseology, &c. of the Talmudists considered, with some remarks on their ænigmatical and sublime method of instruction. Occasion'd by the Rev. Mr. John Gill's preface to his learned comment on ... (J. Oswald, 1746)
Drieberge, Johannes (1686-1746)
Dertien predikaetsien over uitgelezene texten uit de Psalmen (Isaak Tirion, 1746)
Libri duo, unus de bonis novi Faederis et futuro hominum statu, alter de baptismo et sancta Coena
Edwards, Jonathan (1703-1758)  en
A treatise concerning religious affections: in three parts. Part I. Concerning the nature of the affections, and their importance in religion. Part II. Shewing what are no certain signs that religious affections are gracious, or that they are not. Part III. Shewing what are distinguishing signs of truly gracious and holy affections, 1st ed. (Boston : S. Kneeland and T. Green, 1746)
Emlyn, Thomas (1663-1741)
The works of ... Thomas Emlyn. To the whole are prefixed memoirs of the life and writings of the author, 4th ed., vol. 1 (London, 1746)
Ernesti, Johann August (1707-1781)
Initia Doctrinae Solidioris / Avctore Io. Avgvsto Ernesti (Lipsiae : Wendler, 1746)
Ferrari, Giuseppe Antonio, O.F.M. Conv. (-1775)
Philosophia peripatetica adversus veteres et recentiores (Venetiis : M. Fentium)
Vol. 1 (1746) [Philosophiae prolegomena, logicam, metaphisicam, & ethicam complectens]
Vol. 2 (1746) [In quo prior physicae pars, hoc est physica generalis explicatur] GB 
Feuerborn, Justus (1557-1656)  de
Demation dispvtationvm theologicarvm cvmprimis [microform]... I. An in infantes actvalia cadant peccata. II. An Devs posteros et filios pvniat ob maiorvm et parentvm svorvm flagitia. III. An impetrata peccatorvm remissio per svbseqventia peccata fieri possit irrita .. (Giessae et Lipsiae, 1746)
An In Infantes Cadant Peccata Actualia ?
Giessa [u.a.], 1746BSB 
Fleming, Caleb (1698-1779)
The immorality of prophane swearing demonstrated; in a new method: and without the aid of revelation. Dedicated to modern deists and Christians. By a lover of his country (M. Cooper, 1746)
Truth and modern-deism at variance, which is shewn from a careful examination of Mr. Thomas Chubb's four dissertations ... : to the examination are annexed select remarks upon ... Isaac Watt's treatise, entitled The glory of Christ as God-man : in a letter to a friend .. (London : Author and Sold by M. Cooper, 1746)
Truth and Modern-deism at Variance;: Which is Shewn, from a Careful Examination of Mr. Thomas Chubb's Four Dissertations, ... To the Examination, are Annexed Select Remarks Upon the Rev. Dr. Isaac Watts's Treatise, Entitled, the Glory of Christ, as God-man In a Letter to a Friend (author; and sold, 1746)
Foster, James (1697-1753)
Hrn. Jacob Fosters, berühmten Predigers in London, letzter Beystand, welchen er dem Grafen von Kilmarnock, von dem Tage seiner Verurtheilung, bis zu seiner Hinrichtung den 29 August, geleistet hat : Nebst desselben zuverläßiger Nachricht von dem wahrhaften Betragen des enthaupteten Grafens und einigen glaubwürdigen Beylagen ; Aus dem Englischen übersetzt (Hamburg : Grund, 1746)
Francke, August Hermann (1663-1727)  en
Vorbereitung aufs Weyhnachts-Fest, Ueber den Lob-Gesang der Engel, aus Luc. Ii, 13. 14. den 23sten December 1744 : Der Jugend in den Schulen des Wäysenhauses ausgetheilet vor Weyhnachten 1746 / In öffentlicher Versammlung auf dem Wäysenhause ertheilet von D. Gotthilf August Francken, Seniore Theol. Fac. Inspect. im Saal-Creise und Pred. zur L. Fr. (Halle : Waysenhaus, 1746)
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