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Chandler, Samuel (1693-1766)  en
The Notes of the Church Considered: In a Sermon ... Preached at Salters-Hall, January 16, 1734-5. By Samuel Chandler (T. Cox; R. Ford; R. Hett; and J. Gray, 1735)
A second treatise on the notes of the church : as a supplement to the sermon preach'd at Salters Hall, January 16, 1734 ... (London : T. Cox at the Lamb under the Royal Exchange ..., 1735)
Chapman, John (1704-1784)
Phlegon Re-examined:: In Answer to Dr. Sykes's Second Defense of His Dissertation Concerning Phlegon. To which is Added a Postscript, Concerning the Chronicon Paschale (University-Press for Cornelius Crownfield: and John Crownfield, at the Rising-Sun in St. Paul's Church-Yard. London., 1735)
Clauberg, Johann (1622-1665)  en de
Logica contracta: novissimae huic editioni accessit appendix de materia syllogistica (Jansson, 1735)
Colliber, Samuel (fl.1718-c.1737)
An Impartial enquiry into the existence and nature of God : being a modest essay towards a more intelligible account of the divine perfections ; with remarks on several authors both ancient and modern ... (London : R. Robinson, 1735)
An impartial enquiry into the existence and nature of God: being a modest essay towards a more intelligent account of the Divine perfections. With remarks on several authors both ancient and modern; and particularly on some passages in Dr. Clarke's Demonstration of the being and attributes of ... (R. Robinson, 1735)
Collins, Anthony (1676-1729)
A Philosophical inquiry concerning human liberty (London : R. Robinson, 1735)
Colman, Benjamin (1673-1747)
A Brief Dissertation on the Three First Chapters of Genesis. Giving some of the evident signatures of the inspiration of God in those first pages of the Holy Oracles. Being the substance of some sermons lately preached (J. Edwards & H. Foster, 1735)
Comber, Thomas (1645-1699)
The plausible arguments of a Romish priest from antiquity, answered; (ReM. Downing, 1735)
Conybeare, John (1692-1755)
Calumny refuted: or, An answer to the personal slanders published by Dr. Richard Newton, in his letter to Dr. Holmes, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, &c: In which also, the conduct of the Lord Bishop of Exeter, and of the Society of Exeter-College, in relation to Hart-Hall, is ... (J. J. and P. Knapton, W. Innys, in Ludgate-Street; T. Longman, in Pater-Noster Row; and S. Birt, in Ave-Mary Lane., 1735)
Corsini, Odoardo, C.R. (1702-1765)  it
Elementi di matematica: ne' quali sono con miglior ordine, e nuovo metodo dimostrate le piu' nobili e necessarie proposizioni di Euclide, Apollonio, e Archimede (Nella stamp. di S. A. R. per li Tartini, e Franchi, 1735)
Courcelles, Etienne de (1586-1659)  en
Novum testamentum graece
Crell, Samuel (1660-1747)  en
Anti Artemonius Seu Initium Evangelii Sancti Johannis Apostoli, Ex Antiquitate Ecclesiastica adversus iniquissimam L. M. Artemonii Neo-Photiniani Criticam, vindicatum atque illustratum. Qua occasione etiam multa alia S. Scripturae Veterumque Loca vindicantur. Et multis Antiquitatis monumentis Lux affunditur. Cui in fine accedit Dissertatio de Dialogis tribus vulgo Theodorito tributis (Norimbergae : Rüdigerus, 1735)
Crousaz, Jean-Pierre de (1663-1750)  en fr
Système de logique abrégé (1735)
Cunaeus, Petrus (1586-1638)
Petri Cunaei Ic. Orationes, argumenti varii: eiusdemque alia latina opuscula : Satyra Menippea, Juliani Caesares, & Responsum in caussa postliminii, cum quibusdam epistolis, Christophorus Cellarius, notas & observationes adjiecit, accedunt Augusti Buchneri Oeconomiae in quinque priores orationes ... (Apud M.G. Weidmannum, 1735)
De Republyk der Hebreen of Gemeenebest der Joden ... (Daniel vanden Dalen, 1735)
De republyk der Hebreen, of gemeenebest der Joden: in drie boeken, vol. 4 (Andries van Damme, 1735)
Danz, Johann Andreas (1654-1727)  de
... sive interpres ebraeo-chaldaeus, omnes utriusque linguae idiotismos dextere explicans... (Joh. Fel. Bielck, 1735)
Rabbinismus enucleatus: quo ad ea, quae Ebraeo-Chaldaeis vel prorsus non, vel minus usitata sunt; praemissa directione legendi scripturam absque punctis (Joh. Felix Bielck, 1735)
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