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Burnet, Gilbert (1643-1715)  en
A sermon preach'd at St. Bridget's-church: on Monday in Easter-week, March 29. 1714. before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, ... By ... Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum (J. Churchill, 1714)
A sermon preach'd, and a charge given at the triennial visitation of the diocese of Salisbury (London : J. Churchill, 1714)
Burnet, Thomas (1635-1715)  en
Essays, divine, moral and political: viz. I. Of religion in general. II. Of Christianity. III. Of priests. IV. Of virtue. V. Of friendship. VI. Of government. VII. Of parties. VIII. Of plots. With the Effigies of the author (London, 1714)
Busenbaum, Hermann, S.J. (c.1600-1668)
Theologia moralis antehac ex probatis auctoribus breviter concinnata (apud Servatium Noethen, 1714)
Calamy, Edmund (1671-1732)  en
Obadiah's character: a sermon to young people, preach'd in Old Jewry, on Monday December the 28th. 1713. (London : Andrew Bell, 1714)
Calvör, Caspar (1650-1725)  de
Saxonia Inferior Antiqva, Gentilis Et Christiana. Das ist: Das alte Heÿdnische und Christliche Nieder-Sachsen : Darin vorgestellet wird was es für eine Beschaffenheit mit dem alten Nieder-Sachsen ... in dem ersten Millenario ... gehabt (Goslar : König, 1714)
Campbell, Archibald (1691-1756)
The Case Restated: Or an Account of a Conversation with a Papist, Concerning a Book Intitled, The Case Stated Between the Church of Rome, and the Church of England, &c. In a Letter from a Gentleman in the Country to His Friend in London, vol. 17 (in the year, 1714)
Camus de Pont-Carré, Jean-Pierre (1584-1652)
Corps et compilation de tous les commentateurs anciens et modernes sur la coutume de Paris, ed. Claude-Joseph de Ferrière (Paris : M. Guignard, 1714)
Cano, Melchior, O.P. (c.1509-1560)  en es
Opera in hac primum editione clarius divisa et praefatione ... illustrata ab Hyacintho Serry (Joannes Manfre, 1714)
Castellio, Sebastian (1515-1563)
Sebastiani Castellionis Sacrorum Dialogorum Libri Quatuor : Quos postremo ipse Recognovit: Argumenta singulis Dialogis praeposuit ... ; Accesserunt ex Editione Tubingensi marginales Annotationes (Lipsiae : Plener, 1714)
Chladni, Martin (1669-1725)
Lectori Benevolo Coronae Annuae Auspicia Fortunata Esse Cupit Martinus Chladenius S. S. Theol. Doctor Et Prof. Publ. Alumn. Reg. Elect. Ephorus, Et H. T. Academ. Vitembergensis Pro-Rector (Vitembergae, 1714)
Church of Scotland
A Collection of some acts of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, since the year 1690,: for promoting of piety and vertue, and for suppressing of vice, profaneness and immorality, and censuring delinquents; : together with Her Majesty's proclamation, and an abbreviate of the laws ... (Edinburgh : Andrew Anderson, 1714)
Clarke, Samuel (1675-1729)  en
A letter to the Reverend Dr Wells, Rector of Cotesbach in Leicestershire. In answer to his remarks, &c (James Knapton, at the Crown in St Paul's Church-Yard., 1714)
A reply to the objections of Robert Nelson, and of an anonymous author against Dr Clarke's Scripture doctrine of the Trinity (1714)
A reply to the objections of Robert Nelson, esq: and of an anonymous author [i.e. James Knight] against Dr. Clarke's Scripture-doctrine of the Trinity. Being a commentary upon forty select texts of scripture. To which is added, An answer to the remarks of the author of, Some considerations ... (James Knapton, 1714)
A Reply to the objections of Robert Nelson, Esq. and of an anonymous author, against Dr. Clarke's scripture doctrine of the Trinity : being a commentary upon forty select texts of Scripture (London : James Knapton, 1714)
Coccejus, Johannes (1603-1669)  en nl
Lexicon & Commentarius Sermonis Hebraici Et Chaldaici ... Utpote in qua I. Infinita menda sublata, II. Significationes numeris distinctæ, III. Voces omissæ restitutæ, Iv. Auctoris notæ Lexicæ subiunctæ, V. Animadversiones & supplementa adiecta sunt / Operâ atque studiô Johannis Henrici Maji, S. Theol. D. & Profess. P. in Academia Ludoviviana &c. (Francofurti et Lipsiæ ; Gothæ : Reyher, 1714)
Lexicon et commentarius sermonis hebraici et chaldaici (1714)
Lexicon et commentarius Sermonis hebraici et chaldaici Veteris Testamenti
Francofurtum, 1714BSB 
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