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Calov, Abraham (1612-1686)  de en
Theologia apostolica Romana (1648)
Cardano, Geronimo (1501-1576)
De utilitate ex adversis capienda (1648)
Carpzov, Johann Benedict, I (1607-1657)  de
Aller friedfertigen Leute Denck- und Ehrenmahl : Von Christo Jesu in der Bergpredigt Matth. V. v. 9. Auffgerichtet/ Und Bey dem ... Begräbnüß Des ... Herrn Frantz-Julius Tödtebeers alten ... Bildhauers allhier/ So am 2. Julii dieses 1648. Jahrs ... eingeschlaffen und den 5. Julii in sein Ruhbetlein ... eingesetzet worden/ Erwogen und kürztlich erkläret / Von Johann-Benedicto Carpzow der H. Schrifft Licentiaten, Professorn und Predigern zu S. Thomas in Leipzig ([Leipzig] : Köler, 1648)
Cartwright, Christopher (1602-1658)
Electa Thargumico-Rabbinica; Sive, Annotationes In Genesin: Ex triplici Thargum, seu Chaldaica Paraphrasi, nempe Onkeli, Hierosolymitana, & Jonathanis ... (Thomson, 1648)
Cartwright, Thomas (1534-1603)  en
Helpes for discovery of the truth in point of toleration::being the judgment of that eminent scholler Tho. Cartwright, sometimes Divinity-Professor in the University of Cambridge in the reigne of Queen Elizabeth of happy memory, and then a famous non-conformist, for which through the tyranny of the Bishops he suffered exile. Wherein the power and duty of the magistrate in relation to matters of religion is discussed; as also whether the judiciall lawes given by Moses to the Jewes are abrogate by the coming of Christ. More particularly in relation to some sinnes, viz. blasphemy, adultery, &c. Occasionally handled in a controversie betweene the said publike professor T.C. and Doctor Whitgift. Here also by the way is laid downe his judgment in the case of divorce, and that the party innocent may marrie again. (London : Thomas Banks, at the signe of the Seale in Westminster Hall, 1648)
Caryl, Joseph (1602-1673)
An exposition with practical observations continued upon the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh chapters of the Book of Job. Being the substance of XXXV. lectures, etc (J. Macock, 1648)
Castell, Edmund (bap.1606-1685)  en
Sol Angliae oriens (London : Martin, 1648)
Caussin, Nicolas (1583-1651)
Le Buisson ardent (1648)
La Corte Santa Del P. Nicollo Cavsino Della Comp. di Gieslu: Che Contiene L'Huomo di Stato, il Caualiere, & la Dama ... (Zenero, 1648)
Celichius, Andreas (1583-1659)
Lucrum Christianorum, Der überauß herrliche/ köstliche Gewin fromer Christen : Betrachtet in gehaltener Leichen-Sermon bey der Kirchen zu Lüben ... Bey Christlicher Funeration und Ehren-Gedächtniß Des ... Herren David Scheers/ trewfleißig-gewesenen Seelsorgers und Pfarr-Herren der Christlichen Gemeinen zu Lirchenborn und Großkriechen. Welcher ... Selig abgeleibet/ Anno 1647. den 14. Octobr. Und folgends den 18. eiusd. gen Lirchenborn zu seinem Schlaffkämmerlein gebracht worden ([Lissa] : Funcke, 1648)
Chemnitz, Christian (1615-1666)
Oratio Parentalis. In praesentia Illustrissimorum Iuniorum Saxoniae Ducum; Et concessu honoratissimorum Virorum: In gratam memoriam, Viri ... Dn. M. Johannis Kromayeri, Superintendentis Generalis, & Pastoris Vinariensis vigilantissimi : Habita Vinariae, 20. Augusti Anno, M.Dc.XLII. / a M. Christiano Chemnitio, Ecclesiae ibid. tum temporis Diacono (Ienae : Ex Typographeo Lobensteiniano, 1648)
Chéron, Gédéon (fl.1648-1660)
La Peinture de la vie: sermon sur Ps. 39, 5. pron. à Charenton (Sedan, 1648)
Chestlin, Robert (fl.1648-)
Persecutio undecima : the churches eleventh persucution; or, a briefe of the puritan persecution of the protestant clergy of the church of England; more particularly within the city of London; begun in parliament, ann. Dom. 1641 .... ([London], 1648)
Church of Scotland
Directions of the Generall Assembly concerning secret and private worship, and mutuall edification, for cherishing piety, for maintaining unity, and avoiding schisme and division : with an act for observing these directions, and censuring such use to neglect family worship. and an act against such as withdraw themselves from the publike worship in their own congregations (Edinburgh : Evan Tyler, 1648)
The principall acts of the Generall Assembly, conveened at Edinburgh upon the first VVednesday of July, the 12 of that moneth, in the year 1648 (Edinburgh : Evan Tyler ..., 1648)
A short declaration to the whole kirk and kingdom concerning present dangers and duties (Edinburgh : Evan Tyler, 1648)
Coccejus, Johannes (1603-1669)  en nl
Disp. theol. de praedestinatione
Franekera : Balck, 1648BSB 
Franekerae : Balck, 1648GB 
Combefis, François, O.P. (1605-1679)
Historia Haeresis monothelitarum sanctaeque in eam sextae synodi actorum vindiciae (sumptibus Antonii Bertier, 1648)
Comenius, Johann Amos (1592-1670)  en
Historia persecutionum ecclesiae Bohemicae ... (1648)
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