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Masius, Hector Gottfried (1653-1709)
Kurzer Bericht von dem Unterschied der wahren evangelisch-lutherishen und der reformierten Lehre / von Hect. Gottfr. Masius (Gütersloh : Bertelsmann, 1880)
Naogeorgus, Thomas (1508-1563)
Reprint of The Popish Kingdome, or reigne of Anti-christ (London, Imprinted at the Chiswick Press, by C. Whittingham & Co., for the editor : and sold by W. Satchell & Co., 1880)
Reprint of The Popish Kingdome: or reigne of Anti-christ, ed. Robert Charles Hope, trans. Barnabe Googe, Robert Charles Hope (ImChiswick Press, by C. Whittingham & Co., for the editor, and sold by W. Satchell & Co., 1880)
Palissy, Bernard (c.1510-1590)
Oeuvres (Charavay Frères, 1880)
Les oeuvres de Bernard Palissy, ed. Anatole France (Charavay frères, 1880)
Oeuvres. Publiées d'après les textes originaux, avec une notice historique et bibliographique et une table analytique par Anatole France (Paris : Charavay, 1880)
Pascal, Blaise (1623-1662)  en
The provincial letters of Pascal (Cambridge : Deighton, Bell, 1880)
The provincial letters. Edited by John de Soyres (Cambridge : Bell, 1880)
Penry, John (1559-1593)
The Epistle: September-November 1588, ed. Edward Arber (The editor, 1880)
Rambach, Johann Jacob (1683-1735)
Johann Jakob Rambachs wohlunterrichteter Katechet: das ist, deutlicher Unterricht, wie man der Jugend auf die allerleichteste Art den Grund christlicher Lehre beibringen könne, 2nd ed. (L. Volkening, 1880)
Reid, Thomas (1710-1796)  en
The works of Thomas Reid, D. D. now fully collected, with selections from his unpublished letters (Edinburgh : Maclachlan and Stewart)
Vol. 1 (1880)
Vol. 2 (1880) IA 
Richard of St. Victor (-1173)
Opera omnia ([Paris] : Apud Garnier fratres, 1880)
Servetus, Michael (c.1511-1553)  en
Michaelis Villanovani ... in quendam medicum apologetica disceptatio pro astrologia, mit einer Einleitung und Anmerkungen neu herausg. von H. Tollin, ed. Henri Wilhelm N. Tollin (1880)
Taylor, Jeremy (1613-1667)  en
The rule and exercises of holy dying (London : Rivingtons, 1880)
Udall, John (c.1560-1592)  en
A demonstration of the truth of that discipline, which Christ hath prescribed in His Word, for the government of His Church, in all times and places until the end of the world (July - November 1588), ed. Edward Arber
ed. Edward Arber (London, 1880)GB 
The state of the Church of England laid open in a conference between Diotrephes a bishop, Tertullus a papist, Demetrius a usurer, Pandochus an innkeeper, and Paul a preacher of the word of God (April 1588), ed. Edward Arber (London, 1880)
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