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Estius, Guilielmus (1542-1613)  en nl
In omnes D. Pauli epistolas : item in catholicas commentarii ... (Moguntiae : Sumptibus Francisci Kirchhemii)
Vol. 1 (1858)
Vol. 2 (1858) IA 
Vol. 3 (1858) IA 
In omnes D. Pauli epistolas, item in Catholicas commentarii : ad optimorum fidem accuratissime recudi, vol. 1 (Moguntiae : Sumptibus Francisci Kirchhemii, 1858)
Gemistus, Georgius (c.1355-1454)
Pl?thonos nomon sungraphes ta s?zomena (Firmin Didot, 1858)
Traité des lois (Didot, 1858)
Gerhard, Johann (1582-1637)  en de
Meditationes sacrae oder Heilige Betrachtungen Johann Gerhard's, dadurch die rechte Gottseligkeit geweckt und der innerliche Mensch zum Wachstum gebracht werden kann, von Neuem aus dem Lateinischen übersetzt von Carl Julius Böttcher (Justus Naumann, 1858)
Giles of Rome, O.E.S.A. (1243-1316)
Del reggimento de' principi, volgarizzamento, pubbl. per cura di F. Corazzini
Firenze : Felice Le Monnier, 1858GB 
Herberger, Valerius (1562-1627)  en de
Das Himmlische Jerusalem : Aufs Neue hrsg. und durchgesehen. Mit einem Vorwort von Friedrich Ahlfeld (Leipzig : Ernst Bredt, 1858)
Das Himmlische Jerusalem: Aufs Neue hrsg. und durchgesehen. Mit einem Vorwort von Friedrich Ahlfeld (Ernst Bredt, 1858)
Hutten, Ulrich von (1488-1523)  en
Epistolæ obscvrorvm virorvm (Lipsiæ : in ædibvs B. G. Tevbneri, 1858)
Keach, Benjamin (1640-1704)  en
An exposition of the parables, and express similitudes of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ : wherein also many things are doctrinally handled and improved by way of application .. (London : Aylott, 1858)
GTropología: a key to open Scripture metaphors [by B. Keach and T. Delaune. 3 vols. Vol.1, 2 want the title-leaves and are otherwise imperf. Vol.3 is entitled GTroposhymalogía [sic] by B.K.]. revised. By B. Keach (1858)
Tropologia: a key to open Scripture metaphors, in four books : to which are prefixed, arguments to prove the divine authority of the Holy Bible : together with types of the Old Testament (William Hill Collingridge, 1858)
Knapp, Georg Christian (1753-1825)
Lectures on Christian theology, 7th ed., trans. Leonard Woods (J.W. Moore, 1858)
La Monnoye, Bernard de (1641-1728)
Les noels bourguignons de Bernard de La Monnoye (Gui-Barôzai) ..: suivis des Noels maconnais du P. Lhuilier (le parrain de Bliaise), 2nd ed., ed. François Fertiault (A. Aubry, 1858)
Latimer, Hugh (c.1485-1555)  en
The sermons and life of ... Hugh Latimer, some time bishop of Worcester, ed. John Watkins (Aylott)
Vol. 1 (1858)
Vol. 2 (1858) GB 
The sermons and life of the Right Reverend Father in God, and constant Marty of Jesus Christ, Hugh Latimer, some time Bishop of Worcester, vol. 1 (London : Aylott, 1858)
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