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Catcott, Alexander (1725-1779)  en
A treatise on the deluge. Containing I. Remarks on the Lord Bishop of Clogher's account of that event. II. A full explanation of the Scripture history of it. III. A collection of all the principal heathen accounts. IV. Natural proofs of the deluge, deduced from a great variety of circumstances, on and in the terraqueous globe. And, under the foregoing general articles, the following particulars will be occasionally discussed and proved, viz. The time when, and the manner how America wa first peopled.--The Mosaic account of the deluge written by inspiration.--the certainty of an abyss of water within the earth.--The reality of an inner globe or central nucleus.--The cause of the subterranean vapour, and of earthquakes.--The origin of springs, lakes, &c.--The formation of mountains, hills, dales, vallies, &c.--The means by which the bed of the ocean was formed.--The cause of caverns or natural grottos; with a description of the most remarkable, especially those in England.--Also an expli (London : Sold by M. Withers and D. Prince, 1761)
Comrie, Alexander (1706-1774)  nl
Brief over de Rechtvaerdigmakinge des Zondaars ... (Amsterdam : Nicolaas Byl, 1761)
Brief over de rechtvaerdigmakinge des zondaars, door de onmiddelyke toereekening der borggerechtigheit van Christus (Nicolaas Byl, 1761)
Brief over de Rechtvaerdigmatunge des Zondaars ... (Amsterdam : Byl, 1761)
Corsini, Odoardo, C.R. (1702-1765)  it
Eduardi Corsini ... epistolae tres, quibus Sulpiciæ Dryantillae Aureliani ac Vaballathi Augustorum nummi explicantur et illustrantur (1761)
Epistolae tres quibus Sulpiciae Dryantillae Aureliani ac Vaballathi Augustorum nummi explicantur et illustrantur (Fantechius, 1761)
De Moor, Bernhard (1709-1780)
Commentarius perpetuus in Johannis Marckii Compendium theologiae christianae didactico-elencticum, vol. 1 (Leiden : Johannes Hasebroek, 1761)
Diogenes Laertius (fl.222-235)
Les vies des plus illustres philosophes de l'antiquité, avec leurs dogmes ... et leurs sentences les plus remarquables, tr. [by J.G. de Chauffepié]. Auxquelles on a ajouté la vie de l'auteur, celles d'Epictète, de Confucius, et un abrége historique de la vie des femines philosophes de l'antiquité, trans. Jacques Georges de Chauffepié (1761)
Doddridge, Philip (1702-1751)
The rise and progress of religion in the soul (C. Hitch and L. Hawers, 1761)
Sermons and religious tracts of the late Reverend Philip Doddridge (assignment from the author's widow for C. Hitch and L. Hawes)
Vol. 2 (1761)
Vol. 3 (1761) GB 
Sermons and religious tracts of the late Reverend Philip Doddridge, D.D
London, 1761IA 
London : Assignment from the author's widow for C. Hitch and [12 others]
Vol. 1 (1761) IA 
Vol. 2 (1761) IA 
Vol. 3 (1761) IA 
Döderlein, Christian Albert (1714-1789)  de
Fortsetzung und Beschluß der Abhandlungen ... (Bützow und Wismar : Berger und Boedner, 1761)
Drelincourt, Charles (1595-1669)  en fr
Les consolations de l'âme fidèle contre les frayeurs de la mort: avec les dispositions et les préparations nécessaires pour bien mourir (dépends de François Grasset : de l'imprimerie d'Abraham Louis Tarin, 1761)
Durham, James (1622-1658)
Christ crucified, or the marrow of the gospel : evidently holden forth in seventy two sermons on the whole fifty third chapter of Isaiah .. (Glasgow : Archibald M'Lean and Joseph Galbraith, for James Wilken, 1761)
Dutton, Anne (1692-1765)
Gods genade verheerlykt in eene zaligmakende bekeering tot God in Christus en verdere bevestiging in den weg des geloofs, (Johann. Hasebroek en zoon, 1761)
Mr. Sanddeman Refuted by an Old Woman: Or, Thoughts on His Letters to the Author of Theron and Aspasio: In a Letter from a Friend in the Country to a Friend in Town (J. Hart; sold by G. Keith, 1761)
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