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Conybeare, John (1692-1755)
Corsini, Odoardo, C.R. (1702-1765)  it
Ad Paulum M. Paciaudium Epistola, in qua Gotarzis Parthiae Regis nummus hactenus ineditus explicatur (1757)
Dissertatio, in qua dubia adversus Minnisari regis nummum ... diluuntur (1757)
Cumberland, Richard (1632-1718)
Les lois de la nature, ed. Jean Barbeyrac (Theodore Haak, 1757)
De Moor, Bernhard (1709-1780)
Oratio de eo quod nimium est in scientia theologica, vol. 1 (Kallewier, 1757)
Desbillons, François Joseph Terrasse (1711-1789)
Fabularum Aesopiarum libri quinque
E Typographeo Clarendoniano, Impensis J. Fletcher, 1757GB 
E Typographeo Clarendoniano; impensis Jac. Fletcher, 1757GB 
Dickinson, Jonathan (1688-1747)  en
Familiar letters to a gentleman: upon a variety of seasonable and important subjects in religion, 3rd ed. (R. Fleming and sold by Yair and Fleming, 1757)
Dietelmair, Johann Augustin (1717-1785)
Disquisitio hermeneutica de phrasibus s. Scripturae opticis
Meyer, 1757GB 
Dodd, William (1729-1777)
Discourses on the miracles and parables of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ .. (London : T. Waller, and W. Faden, and E. Dilly)
Vol. 1 (1757)
Vol. 2 (1757) IA 
Vol. 3 (1757) IA 
Vol. 4 (1757) IA 
Dove, John (-1772)
A Dissertation upon the suppose existence of the Moral Law of Nature and upon the being of a Trinne God
Wither, 1757GB 
London : Wither, 1757BSB 
A dissertation upon the supposed existence of a moral law of nature, and upon the being of a triune god. Wherein is shewn that the idea of the former is not to be found in scripture, and is contrary to reason: and that the latter is contained in scripture, and is not contrary to reason. With a letter to the Right Reverend Thomas, Lord Bishop of Oxford. And a postscript to the Dunciad, the critical and monthly reviewers (London : author and sold by E. Withers ..., 1757)
Echard, Laurence (c.1670-1730)
Dizionario Geografico Portatile: Ovvero Descrizione di tutti i Regni, Provincie, Città, Patriarcati, Vescovati, Forti, Fortezze, Cittadelle, ... In Cui Dichiarasi in qual Regno, Provincia, o Distretto questi luoghi si trovano, i Prencipi, a cui sono soggetti ... (Remondini, 1757)
Eenhoorn, Wilhelmus van (1691-1759)
Op het aanstaande vertrek van den veel-eerwaarden [...] heer Simon Boitet, van Maarssen naar Middelburg beroepen (1757)
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