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Scriver, Christian (1629-1693)  en de
Anhang Zum Vierten Theil Des Seelen-Schatzes M. C. Scrivers (Leipzig ; Magdeburg ; Helmstädt : Johann Lüderwald; Friedrich Lüderwald; Fleischer, Christoph, 1683)
Antritts-Predigt Und Erster Segen : Damit bey der Christlichen Gemeine zu S. Jacob in der Alten Stadt Magdeburg/ nach veranlassung des Evangelischen Text der auff den 19. Sontag nach dem Fest der Hochheil. Dreyeinigkeit von alters verordnet und aus dem 9. Cap. des Heil. Evang. Matthaei genommen ist (Magdeb. : Lüderwaldt, 1683)
Schluß-Predigt und Valetsegen : Damit Von der Christlichen Gemeine zu S. Jacob in Stendal Nach Verlanlassung der Worte des H. Apostels I. Thessalon. II. v. 11,12,13. Am Tage der heil. Engel 1667. Seinen Abschied genommen / Ihr bißhero ins 15. Jahr gewesener Archidiaconus M. Christianus Scriverius, Nunmehr Pastor bey der S. Jacobs Kirche in der Alten Stadt Magdeburg ... (Magdeburg ; Helmstädt : Johann Lüderwald; Friedrich Lüderwald, 1683)
Segneri, Paolo (1624-1694)
Instructio confessarii (1683)
Selden, John (1584-1654)  en
De anno civili veterum Judaeorum et de Macedonum et Asianorum anno solari (1683)
Sherlock, William (1641-1707)  en
A letter to Anonymus in answer to his Three letters to Dr. Sherlock about church-communion (London : Fincham Gardiner ..., 1683)
A Letter to Anonymus: In Answer to His Three Letters to Dr. Sherlock about Church-communion (Fincham Gardiner, at the White Horse in Ludgate-street, 1683)
The protestant resolution of faith being an answer to three questions : I. How far we must depend on the authority of the church for the true sense of Scripture? II. Whether a visible succession from Christ to this day makes a church, which has this succession, an infallible interpreter of Scripture, and whether no church, which has not this succession, can teach the true sense of Scripture? III. Whether the Church of England can make out such a visible succession? (London : F. Gardiner ..., 1683)
A resolution of some cases of conscience which respect church-communion ... (London : H. Hills, jun. for F. Gardiner, 1683)
A resolution of some cases of conscience which respect church-communion viz. I. whether to communicate with some church, especially in such a divided state of the church, be a necessary duty incumbent on all Christians, II. whether constant communion be a necessary duty where occasional communion is lawful, III. whether it be lawful to communicate with two churches, which are in a state of separation from each other. (London : Henry Hills, Jun. for Fincham Gardiner ..., 1683)
Some seasonable reflections on the discovery of the late plot being a sermon preacht on that occasion (London : Thomas Basset ..., 1683)
Spangenberg, Johann (1484-1550)  de
Postilla vom Advent bis Ostern und von Ostern bis Advent (1683)
Spanheim, Frédéric, Jr (1632-1701)  en de
Introductio ad chronologiam et historiam sacram, ac praecipue christianam (1683)
Introductio ad chronologiam sacram
Lugdunum Batavorum, 1683BSB 
Spina, Johannes de (1642-1689)
Disp. inaug. de pacto retrovenditionis
Heidelbergae, 1683BSB 
Steno, Nicolas (1638-1686)  en
De musculis et glandulis observationum specimen: cum epistolis duabus anatomicis (apud Jacobum Moukee, 1683)
Sterry, Peter (1613-1672)  en
The rise, race and royalty of the kingdom of God in the soul of man : Opened in several sermons ... As also the loveliness & love of Christ set forth in several other sermons ... sermons upon Ps. 45.1.2 : with an account of saint's soul and body in death (London : Thomas Cockerill, 1683)
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