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Stegmann, Josua (1588-1632)  de
Geistliche Lieder : Auß seel. Herrn D. Josua Stegmans Hertzens-Seufftzern genommen ; nach heutiger Reim-Art in etwas geändert/ Theils auff allgemeinen/ theils auff eigenen privat-Zustand gezogen (Alten Stettin : Höpfner, 1688)
Steinbrecher, Gottfried (1694-1712)
Dissertatio philologica de variis tesserarum Veteribus usurpatarum generibus (Lipsiae, 1688)
Stillingfleet, Edward (1635-1699)  en
The Council of Trent examin'd and disprov'd by Catholick tradition in the main points in controversie between us and the Church of Rome with a particular account of the times and occasions of introducing them : Part 1 : to which a preface is prefixed concerning the true sense of the Council of Trent and the notion of transubstantiation. (London : H. Mortlock ..., 1688)
The Council of Trent Examin'd and Disprov'd by Catholick Tradition in the Main Points in Controversie Between Us and the Church of Rome: With a Particular Account of the Times and Occasions of Introducing Them ; Part 1, to which a Preface is Prefixed Concerning the True Sense of the Council of ..., 2nd ed. (H. Mortlock, 1688)
A discourse concerning the nature and grounds of the certainty of faith in answer to J.S., his Catholick letters (London : Henry Mortlock ..., 1688)
The doctrine of the Trinity and transubstantiation compared as to Scripture, reason, and tradition. The first part in a new dialogue between a Protestant and a papist : wherein an answer is given to the late proofs of the antiquity of transubstantiation in the books called Consensus veterum and Nubes testium, &c. (London : W. Rogers ..., 1688)
Scripture and tradition compared in a sermon preached at Guild-Hall Chapel, Novemb. 27, 1687 (London : Henry Mortlock ..., 1688)
Scripture and Tradition Compared: In a Sermon Preached at Guild-Hall Chapel, Novemb. 27, 1687 (London : Henry Mortlock, 1688)
Stolberg, Balthasar (1640-1684)
Exercitationum Graecae Linguae Tractatus, De Soloecismis Et Barbarismis Graecae Novi Foederis Dictioni Falso Tributis, Ut Et De Cilicismis Aliisque a D. Paulo Nove Usurpatis : In quo Varia Scripturae S. N. Test. loca explicantur & illustrantur
Francofurti ; Lipsiae : Wohlfart, 1688BSB 
Strauch, Aegidius, II (1632-1682)  de
Dissertatio theologica de spirituali fidelium unctione (Rhetius, 1688)
Dissertatio Theologica De Spirituali Fidelium Unctione: Ex I. Joh. II, 20. Sed vos unctionem habetis a Sancto illo, & nostis omnia (Rhetius, 1688)
Tenison, Thomas (1636-1715)  en
An answer to the letter of the Roman Catholick souldier, as he calls himself in a letter from C.D. to A.B. the examiner of his Speculum : the souldiers letter is added at the end. (London : Richard Chiswell ..., 1688)
A defence of Dr. Tenison's sermon of discretion in giving alms written in a letter to the author of The apology for the pulpits. (London, 1688)
Of transubstantiation, or, A reply to a late paper, call'd A full answer to Dr. Tenison's conferences concerning the Eucharist (London : Ric. Chiswell ..., 1688)
Popery not founded on scripture : or, The texts which Papists cite out of the Bible, for the proof of the points of their religion, examin'd, and shew'd to be alledged without ground (London : Richard Chiswell, 1688)
Popery Not Founded on Scripture, Or, The Texts which Papists Cite Out of the Bible: 1. Introduction (London : Richard Chiswell, 1688)
Thomasius, Christian (1655-1728)  en de
Institutiones jurisprudentiae divinae, in positiones succincte contractae, in quibus hypotheses illustris Pufendorfii circa doctrinam juris naturalis apodictice demonstrantur et corroborantur (1688)
Thomassin, Louis, O.F. (1619-1695)  en
Vetus et nova ecclesiae disciplina circa beneficia et beneficiarios, vol. 3 (Franciscus Muguet, 1688)
Vetus et nova ecclesiae disciplina circa beneficia et beneficiarios. Editio latina prima post duas gallicanas, vol. 3 (Muguet, 1688)
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