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Lyndsay, Sir David (1490-1555)
Poetical works. With memoir, notes and glossary, vol. 3 (Edinburgh : Edinburgh W. Paterson, 1879)
Moded, Herman (c.1520-1603)  nl
Apologie van Hermannus Moded (Bohn, 1879)
Nieremberg, Juan Eusebio, S.J. (1595-1658)
De la hermosura de Dios y Su amabilidad por las infinitas perfecciones del sér divino (D. Antonio Perez Dubrull, 1879)
Paley, William (1743-1805)  en
Natural theology: or, Evidences of the existence and attributes of the Deity, collected from the appearances of nature (New York : Sheldon, 1879)
Reimarus, Hermann Samuel (1694-1768)
Fragments from Reimarus: consisting of brief critical remarks on the object of Jesus and his disciples as seen in the New Testament, ed. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Charles Voysey (Williams and Norgate, 1879)
Sarpi, Paolo (1552-1623)
Fra Paolo Sarpi e l'interdetto di Venezia (Tip. della Gazzetta d'Italia, 1879)
Savonarola, Girolamo, O.P. (1452-1498)
Oeuvres spirituelles choisies de Jérome Savonarole des frères prêcheurs, Volumes 1-3, trans. Emmanuel-Ceslas Bayonne (Librairie Poussielgue frères, 1879)
Scaliger, Joseph Justus (1540-1609)
Lettres français inédites de Joseph Scaliger, ed. Philippe Tamizey de Larroque (J. Michel et Médan, 1879)
Lettres françaises inédites de Joseph Scaliger / publiées et annotées par Philippe Tamizey de Larroque,..., ed. Philippe Larroque (Agen : J. Michel et Médan, 1879)
Sewall, Samuel (1652-1730)
Diary of Samuel Sewall: 1674-1729 (Massachusetts Historical Society)
Vol. 2 (1879)
Stubbes, Phillip (1555-1610)
Anatomy of the Abuses in England in Shakspere's Youth, A.D. 1583 ...: (collated with other editions in 1583, 1585, and 1595.) With extracts from Stubbes's Life of his wife, 1591, and his Perfect pathway to felicitie, 1592 (1610), and Bp. Babington on the Ten commandments, 1588; also the fourth ..., ed. Frederick James Furnivall (Society, 1879) / added author(s): Gervase Babington
Tarnow, Johann (1586-1629)
Consilium rationis bellicae
Biblioteka Kórnicka, 1879GB 
Sonsilium rationis bellicae, drukowa? ?azarz Andrysowic w Tarnowie, 1558 (Nak?adem Biblioteki Kórnickiej, 1879)
Toplady, Augustus (1740-1778)  en
Rock of ages
Boston : Lee and Shepard ; New York : C. T. Dillingham, 1879IA 
Boston, Lee and Shepard; New York : C.T. Dillingham, 1879IA 
Udall, John (c.1560-1592)  en
The state of the Church of England laid open in a conference between Diotrephes a bishop, Tertullus a papist, Demetrius a usurer, Pandochus an innkeeper, and Paul a preacher of the word of God (April 1588), ed. Edward Arber (London, 1879)
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