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Leland, John (1691-1766)
A view of the principal deistical writers that have appeared in England in the last and present century : with observations upon them, and some account of the answers that have been published against them .., vol. 2 (London : T. Cadell Jun. [etc.], 1798)
Levi, David (1740-1799)
A defence of the Old Testament: in a series of letters, addressed to Thomas Paine ... (Hogan & M'Elroy, 1798)
Maimonides (1135-1204)  
[ Jewish ]
Šemônā perāqîm (Hraschanzky, 1798)
Massillon, Jean Baptiste (1663-1742)
Sermons by J. B. Massillon, Bishop of Clermont (Edinburgh : Rober Morison and Son [etc.], 1798)
Moss, Charles (1711-1802)
A Sermon, Preached Before the Honourable House of Commons: At the Church of St. Margaret, Westminster, on Wednesday, March 7, 1798, ... By the Rev. Charles Moss, , Part 4 (F. and C. Rivington; R. Faulder; and J. Hatchard, 1798)
Mouchon, Pierre (1733-1797)
Sermons sur divers textes de l'Écriture Sainte, (Bonnant, 1798)
Owen, John (1616-1683)  en
A brief declaration and vindication of the doctrine of the Trinity: as also, of the persn and satisfaction of Christ : accomodated to the capacity and use of such as may be in danger to be seduced, and the establishment of the truth, 8th ed. (Napier and Khull for R. Hutchison and J. Steell, 1798)
The Lord's Supper fully considered : in a view of the history of its institution ; with meditations and ejaculations suited to the several parts of the ordinance ; to which are prefixed two discourses delivered at the Lord's table, vol. 1 (Edinburgh : J. Ogle, 1798)
Pexenfelder, Michael, S.J. (1613-1680)
Apparatus eruditionis tam serum quam vertorum per omnes artes et scientias (apud Benedictum Monfort, 1798)
Planck, Gottlieb (1751-1833)
Geschichte der Entstehung, der Veränderungen und der Bildung des protestantischen Lehrbegriffs vom Anfang der Reformation bis zu der Einführung der Concordienformel. 2. verb. Aufl (Siegf. Lebrecht Crusius)
Vol. 3 (1798) [Part 2 of volume 3]
Vol. 5 (1798) [part 1 of volume 5] GB 
Scupoli, Lorenzo (1530-1610)
Pugna spiritualis (1798)
Seabury, Samuel (1729-1796)
Discourses on several important subjects
New York : T. & J. Swords, 1798IA 
Selden, John (1584-1654)  en
Seldeniana, or, The table-talk of John Selden, Esq;: Being his sense of various matters of weight and consequence; relating especially to religion and state.., ed. Richard Milward (W. Otridge and Son; R. Faulder; J. Cuthell; R. Lea; Ogilvy and Son; J. Nunn; J. Walker; E. Jeffrey; Lackington, Allen, and Co.; and Vernor and Hood., 1798)
Spedalieri, Nicola (1740-1769)
Confutazione dell' Esame del cristianesimo fatto dal signor Eduardo Gibbon nella sua Storia della decadenza dell'impero romano, vol. 2 (presso Niccolo Orcesi, 1798)
Confutazione dell'esame del cristianesimo fatto dal Signor Eduardo Gibbon nelle sua Storia della decadenza dell'Impero romano: Opera, vol. 2 (Presso Niccolò Orcesi Reg. Stampat., 1798)
Stapfer, Philipp Albert (1766-1840)
Der Minister der Kuenste und Wissenschaften der einen und untheilbaren helvetischen Republik an die Religionslehrer Helvetiens ueber ihre Pflichten und Bestimmung, vol. 1 (1798)
Tappan, David (1752-1803)  en
A discourse delivered in the chapel of Harvard College, June 19, 1798 : occasioned by the approaching departure of the senior class from the university (Boston : Manning & Loring, 1798)
Tindal, Matthew (1653-1733)  en
Christianity as old as the creation : or, the Gospel a republication of the religion of nature (Newburgh : David Denniston, 1798)
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