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Gerbert, Martin (1720-1793)
Historia Nigrae Silvae ordinis sancti Benedicti Coloniae opera et studio Martini Gerberti... collecta et illustrata (typis eiusdem monasterii, 1783)
Historia Nigrae Silvae, ordinis Sancti Benedicti coloniae, vol. 1 (1783)
Gmeiner, Franz Xaver (1752-1822)
Xaverii Gmeineri Institutiones juris ecclesiastici: ad principia juris naturae et civitatis methodo geometrica adornatae et germaniae accommodatae. Complectens jus ecclesiasticum publicum, vol. 1 (sumptibus Francisci ex Nicolao Pezzana, 1783)
Harris, James (1709-1780)
Three treatises : the first concerning art : the second concerning music painting and poetry : the third concerning happiness (London : C. Nourse..., 1783)
Three Treatises concerning art ... Music, Painting and Poetry ... Happiness, 4th ed., vol. 1 (Teubner, 1783)
Hartmann, Johann Adolph (1680-1744)
Existentia Dei a priori demonstratur. Praes. Joh. Ad. Hartmann (Marburgi Cattorum : Ph. Eas. Müller, 1783)
Henry, Matthew (1662-1714)  en
Letterlyke en practikale verklaring over de brieven van den apostel Paulus aan de Thessalonicensen, Timotheus, Titus en Philemon
D. onder de Linden [and] zoon [booksellers], 1783GB 
Hopkins, Samuel (1721-1803)  en
An Inquiry concerning the future state of those who die in their sins : wherein the dictates of Scripture and reason upon this important subject are carefully considered, and whether endless punishment be consistent with divine justice, wisdom and goodness ; in which also objections are stated and answered (Newport, R.I. : Solomon Southwick, 1783)
Horne, George (1730-1792)
A sermon preached in the cathedral church of st. Paul, London: June the 12th, 1783. To which is annexed, An account of the Society for promoting Christian knowledge (1783)
Howie, John (1735-1793)
Faithful witness-bearing exemplified : a collection ; to which is prefixed a preface concerning association, toleration and what is now called liberty of conscience (Kilmarnock : J. Wilson, 1783)
Hunter, Henry (1741-1802)
The Brevity, Uncertainty, and Importance of Human Life. A Sermon Preached ... on Occasion of the ... Death of ... George Turnbull, Etc (J. Murray, 1783)
Jacobi, Friedrich Heinrich (1743-1819)
Vermischte Schriften, vol. 1 (Schmieder, 1783)
Jones, William (1746-1794)
A grammar of the Persian language, 3rd ed. (W. Richardson, 1783)
Kennicott, Benjamin (1718-1783)
Dissertatio generalis in Vetus Testamentum Hebraicum : Cum Variis Lectionibus Ex Codicibus Manuscriptis Et Impressis (Brunovici : Orphanotropheum, 1783)
Klinkenberg, Jacob van Nuys (1744-1812)
De Bijbel, door beknopte uitbreidingen en ophelderende aenmerkingen verklaerd, vol. 6 (J. Allart, 1783)
La Mothe le Vayer, François (1588-1672)  en fr
La philosophie de La Motte le Vayer ..., ed. Pons Augustin Alletz (La veuve Duchesne, 1783)
Le Blanc, Louis (1706-1777)
Der Herrn le Blanc und Hoin Abhandlungen von einer neuen Methode die Brüche zu operiren und von verschiedenen Arten derselben (Leipzig : Weygand, 1783)
Lenfant, Jacques (1661-1728)
Geschichte des Hussitenkriegs und des Konziliums zu Basel (Landerer)
Vol. 1 (1783)
Vol. 2 (1783) GB 
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