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Chandler, Samuel (1693-1766)  en
An Answer to the Brief Remarks of William Berriman, D.D.: ... on Mr. Chandler's Introduction to the History of the Inquisition. In a Letter to the Said Doctor. By Samuel Chandler (John Gray, 1733)
A Second Letter to William Berriman, D.D.: ... By Samuel Chandler
John Gray, 1733GB 
Chemnitz, Christian (1615-1666)
Exegesis loci classici Hebr. I. v. XIV. de Sanctis Angelis (Wittebergae : Eichsfeld, 1733)
Cheyne, George (1671-1743)
The English Malady, Or a Treatise of Nervous Diseases of All Kinds,... by George Cheyne (1733)
Cockman, Thomas (c.1675-1745)  en
The Duty of Not Conforming to this World: A Sermon Preach'd Before the University of Oxford, at St. Mary's on Act Sunday 1733 (Oxford : Theatre for Richard Clements, and for Thomas Osborn ... London., 1733)
Salvation by Jesus Christ Alone Asserted and Vindicated, and the Objections Made Against it by Some Modern Unbelievers, Particularly by the Author of Christianity as Old as the Creation, Fully Considered and Answered: in Two Sermons, 4th ed. (London : Stephen Austen, and sold, 1733)
Cooper, Anthony Ashley (1671-1713)
Characteristicks : of men, manners, opinions, times .., vol. 2 (London, 1733)
Corsini, Odoardo, C.R. (1702-1765)  it
Institutiones Philosophicae Ac Mathematicae: Ad Usum Scholarum Piarum. Tomus Quartus Continens Tractatum De Anima Et Metaphysicam, vol. 4 (Paperini, 1733)
Cramer, Johann Rudolf (1678-1731)
Hešbon theologikon, ratiocinium theologicum, de Sacro-Sancta Dei Triunitate (Tiguri : Heidegger, 1733)
Crofton, Zachary (1626-1672)  en
Excise anatomiz'd: declaring that unequal imposition of excise to be the only cause of the ruin of trade, the universal impoverishment and destructive to the liberties of the whole nation (M. Smith, 1733)
Crousaz, Jean-Pierre de (1663-1750)  en fr
Examen du Pyrrhonisme ancien & moderne ... (P. de Hondt, 1733)
Examen du pyrrhonisme ancien et moderne (La Haye : P. de Hondt, 1733)
Cudworth, Ralph (1617-1688)  en
Radvlphi Cvdworthi, Theol. D. Et In Academia Cantabrigiensi Professoris Systema Intellectvale Hvivs Vniversi Sev De Veris Natvrae Rervm Originibvs Commentarii : Qvibvs Omnis Eorvm Philosophia, Qvi Devm Esse Negant, Fvnditvs Evertitvr ; Accedvnt Reliqva Eivs Opvscvla / Ioannes Lavrentivs Moshemivs ... Reliqva Omnia Ex Anglico Latine Vertit, Recensvit, Variisqve Observationibvs Et Dissertationibvs Illvstravit Et Avxit (Ienae : Meyer ; Ienae : Fickelscherr, 1733)
Systema intellectuale huius universi: seu de veris naturae rerum originibus commentarii, quibus omnis eorum philosophia, qui Deum esse negant, funditus evertitur, vol. 1 (Jena, 1733)
Currie, John (c.1679-1765)
A Full vindication of the people's right to elect their own pastors : wherein a discovery is made of the false reasonings, misrepresentations, inconsistencies, &c. of the author of two late pamphlets ... (Edinburgh : Thomas Lumisden and John Robertson, 1733)
De Sales, François (1567-1622)
Introduccion a la vida devota, ed. Francisco Manuel de Mena ((Madrid)), trans. Francisco de Cubillas Donyague (Domingo Fernandez de Arrojo, 1733)
Derodon, David (c.1600-1664)  en fr
David Derodons Widerlegter Atheismus : Worinnen Aus der Vernunfft erwiesen wird, daß ein Gott sey (Lemgo : mit Meyerischen Schriften, 1733)
Derodons Widerlegter Atheismus
Lemgo, 1733BSB 
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