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Bates, William (1625-1699)  en
Considerations of the existence of God and of the immortality of the soul, with the recompences of the future state for the cure of infidelity, the hectick evil of the times (London : J.D. for Brabazon Aylmer ..., 1676)
Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)  en de
The judgment of non-conformists about the difference between grace and morality (London, 1676)
The judgment of non-conformists of the interest of reason in matters of religion in which it is proved against make-bates, that both conformists, and non-conformists, and all parties of true Protestants are herein really agreed, though unskilful speakers differ in words. (London, 1676)
Rich. Baxter's review of the state of Christian's infants whether they should be entered in covenant with God by baptism ... or whether Christ, the Saviour of the world, hath shut all mankind out of his visible kingdom ... 'till they come of age? : occasioned by the importunity of Mr. E. Hutchinson (and of Mr. Danvers and Mr. Tombes) who called him to this review in order to his retractation [sic] ... (London : Nevil Simons ..., 1676)
Roman tradition examined as it is urged as infallible against all mens senses, reason, the Holy Scripture, the tradition and present judgment of the far greatst part of the Universal Church; in the point of transubstantiation; in answer to a book called A rational discourse of transubstantiation. (1676)
Roman tradition examined, as it is urged as infallible against all mens senses, reason, the Holy Scripture, the tradition and present judgment of the far greatest part of the Universal Church, in the point of transubstantiation. In answer to a book called A rational discourse of transubstantiation ([London], 1676)
A Treatise of Justifying Righteousness
London : Nevil Simons, 1676GB 
A treatise of justifying righteousness : In two books: I. A treatise of imputed righteousness ... With an answer to Dr. Tullies Letter, adjoyned ; II. A friendly debate with ... Mr. Christopher Cartwright, containing: 1. His animadversions on my aphorisms, with my answer. 2. His exceptions against that answer. 3. My reply to the summe of the controversies agitated in those exceptions. All published instead of a fuller answer to the assaults in Dr. Tullies Justificatio Paulina .. (London : Nevil Simons and Jonath. Robinson, 1676)
Bebel, Balthasar (1632-1686)  de fr
De hermenevtica vera et falsa ad 2. Petri. I. v. 20. 21 ... sub praesidio ... Baltasaris Bebelii (Argentorati : Typis J. Welperi, 1676)
De peccatis electorum, in judicio extremo non pvblicandis... sub praesidio ... Balthasaris Bebelii (Argentorati : Typis J. Welperi, 1676)
Disp. theol. de peccatis electorum in iudicio extremo non publicandis (Welper, 1676)
Bechmann, Friedemann (1628-1703)  de
Disp. theol. de certitudine satisfactionis Christi
Jena : Bauhofer, 1676BSB 
Diss. theol. de vitae humanae termino, quomodo sit a deo praestitutus
Jena, 1676BSB 
Dissertatio Theologica De Distinctione In Divinis / Quam Sub Praesidio Magnifici Academiae Rectoris, Dn. Fridem. Bechmanni SS. Theol. Doctoris, eiusdemque in hac Salana Prof. Publ. ... Ad diem [...] Febr. Anno 1676. In Auditorio Theologico publicae disquisitioni subiiciet Autor M. Henricus Wilhelmus Scharff. Bardovico-Lynenburgensis (Ienae : Samuel Adolph Müller, 1676)
Becker, Cornelius (1561-1604)  de
Der Psalter Davids / nach bekannten Kirchen-Melodeien Durch D. Cornelium Beckern verfasset/ aufs neue aber/ mit Heinrich Schützens/ ... Gesang-Weisen/ aufgeleget (Dresden : Hamann, 1676)
Becmann, Johann Christoph (1641-1717)  de
De prodigiis sanguinis (Francofurti ad Viadrum, 1676)
Dissertatio De Imperio Maiestatis in Personas (Francofurti ad Viadrum : Zeitlerus, 1676)
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