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Baronio, Cesare (1538-1607)
Abbrégé des annales ecclesiastique de Cesar Baronius (Jean Cochart)
Vol. 11 (1673)
Vol. 12 (1673) GB 
Bartholin, Thomas (1616-1680)
De cruce Christi hypomnemata IV (Andreas ab Hoogenhuysen, 1673)
De sanguine vetito disquisitio medica: cum Cl. Salmasii iudicis (Haubold, 1673)
Th. Bartholini De Sanguine Vetito Disquisitio Medica: Cum Cl. Salmasii Judicio (Haubold, 1673)
Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)  en de
A Christian directory, or, A summ of practical theologie and cases of conscience directing Christians how to use their knowledge and faith, how to improve all helps and means, and to perform all duties, how to overcome temptations, and to escape or mortifie every sin : in four parts ... (London : Robert White for Nevill Simmons ..., 1673)
Directions and Perswasions to a Sound Conversion. For Prevention of that Deceit and Damnation of Souls, and of Those Scandals, Heresies, and Desperate Apostasies, that are the Consequents of a Counterfeit, Or Superficial Change. By Richard Baxter. The Third Edition (R.W., 1673)
De stemme Godts, roepende de sondaers tot bekeeringe: over Ezechiël XXXIII.11, vol. 1 (Hieronymus Sweerts, 1673)
Bebel, Balthasar (1632-1686)  de fr
De coniugio sacerdotvm .. (Argentorati : Typis J. Welperi, 1673)
De fide infantvm, ex Matth. cap XVIII. vers. 1.-6 .. (Argentorati : Typis J. Welperi, 1673)
De Henotico Zenonis, quod habetur apud Evag. lib. III. cap. 14 & Niceph. lib. XIV. cap. 12 ... praeside... Baltasare Bebelio (Argentorati : Typis J. Welperi, 1673)
De miraculis ... praesidio ... Baltasiris Bebelii (Argentorati : Literis J. W. Tidemanni, 1673)
Disputatio theologica de coniugio sacerdotum (Argentorati : Welper, 1673)
Ecclesia Evangelica Et Judaica seu Antiquitates Evangelicae Et Judaicae : Ex Quatuor Evangelistis erutae, Et Orthodoxis Patrum Explicationibus, contra Paradoxas Heterodoxorum, illustratae, & propositae In Universitate Argentoratensi / Studio Baltasaris Bebelii, S. Theol. D. & P.P. Facult. Theol. h.t. Decani (Argentorati : Georg Andreas Dolhopff, 1673)
Ecclesia evangelica et judaica seu antiquitates evangelicae et judaicae, ex quatuor evangelistis erutae, et orthodoxis patrum explicationibus, contra paradoxas heterodoxorum, illustratae, et propositae in universitate Argentoratensi studio Balthasaris Beb (sumptibus Georgii Andreae Dolhopffii, 1673)
Ecclesia evangelica et Judaica seu antiquitates evangelicae et Judaicae: ex quatuor Evangelistis erutae, et orthodoxis Patrum explicationibus, contra paradoxas heterodoxorum, illustrata, & proposita in Universitate Argentoratensi (Georgii Andreae Dolhopffir, 1673)
Becanus, Martinus, S.J. (1563-1624)  en de
Compendium Manualis Controversiarum de Fide ac Religione (Jo. Certe, 1673)
Compendium manualis controversiarum huius temporis, De Fide, ac Religione, R. P. Martini Becani...
Apud Joannem Certe, 1673GB 
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