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Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)  en de
The reasons of the Christian religion. The first part, of godliness: proving by natural evidence the being of God, the necessity of holiness, and a future life of retribution; the sinfulness of the world; the desert of Hell; and what hope of recovery mercies intimate. The second part, of Christianity: proving by evidence supernatural and natural, the certain truth of the Christian belief: and answering the objections of unbelievers. First meditated for the well-setling of his own belief; and now published for the benefit of others, by Richard Baxter. It openeth also the true resolution of the Christian faith. Also an appendix, defending the soul's immortality against the Somatists or Epicureans, and other pseudo-philosophers. (London : R. White, 1667)
Bebel, Balthasar (1632-1686)  de fr
De beneficiis magistratui politico, B. Lutheri ministerio exhibitis, dissertationes duae (Spoor, 1667)
Disp. theol. de religionis falsae mixtaeque in republica damnis (1667)
Disputatio theologica de religionis falsae mixtaeque in rep. damnis (Argentorati : Schütz, 1667)
Bechmann, Friedemann (1628-1703)  de
Dissertatio academica de Scientia Dei (Jenae, 1667)
Bellarmino, Roberto, S.J. (1542-1621)  en it
Vardapetowtiwn kriston'eakan: Doctrina christiana armenice (1667)
Binning, Hugh (1627-1653)
The common principiles of Christian religion clearly proved and singularly improved, or, A practical catechism wherein some of the most concerning-foundations of our faith are solidely laid down, and that doctrine, which is according to godliness, sweetly, yet pungently pressed home and most satisfyingly handled ([Glasgow] : R.S., printer to the town of Glasgow, 1667)
Bona, Giovanni, O.Cist. (1609-1674)  en de
Von der Reinigung deß Gewissens (München, 1667)
Bonagratia de Habsheim, O.F.M. Cap. (-1672)
Summula selectarum quaestionum Regularium, 2nd ed. (apud Joann. Busaeum, 1667)
Summula selectarum quaestionum regularium quas in specialem usum ff. capucinorum... ac secundo edidit pane novam, F. Bonagratia (apud Joann. Busaeum, 1667)
Bourzeis, Amable de (1606-1672)
Dialogue sur les droits de la reyne très-chrestienne
Dialogue sur les droits de la Reyne très-chrestienne [Antoine Bilain. Amable de Bourzeis. Guy Joly] (1667)
Reginæ christianissimæ jura in ducatum Brabantiæ, et alios ditionis hispanicæ principatus, trans. Jean-Baptiste Du Hamel
trans. Jean-Baptiste Du Hamel (1667)GB 
Traitté des droits de la reyne tres-chrestienne sur divers estats de la monarchie d'Espagne: suivant la copie de l'imprimerie royale (Imprimerie royale, 1667)
Bowles, Oliver (c.1577-1644)
De pastore evangelico tractatus, in quo universum munus pastorale, tam quoad pastoris vocationem et praeparationem, quam ipsius muneris exercitium, accurate proponitur (Geneva : Joannis Hermanni Widerhold, 1667)
Boyle, Robert (1627-1691)  en
Experimenta ... de Coloribus (1667)
Experimenta et considerationes de coloribus / a Roberto Boyle (Amstelodami : Schagen, 1667)
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