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Banzer, Marcus (1592-1664)
Rector Academiae Wittebergensis, Marcus Banzerus ... civibus academicis s. p. d. : [d. i. oratio funebris in funere Wolfgangi Lösere ... d. 16. Nov. ... 1659] ([Wittebergae], 1659)
Barrow, Isaac (1630-1677)  en
Elementa geometrie: libri XV. (1659)
Basilius, Valentinus (1394-1450)
Azoth, ou le Moyen de faire l'Or caché des Philosophes, ed. Pierre Moët ((París)) (Pierre Moët, 1659)
Les douze clefs de philosophie, ed. Pierre Moët ((París)) (Pierre Moët, 1659)
Basire, Isaac (bap.1608-1676)
The history of the English and Scotch presbytery : wherein is discovered their designes and practises for the subversion of government in church and state (Villa Franca, 1659)
Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)  en de
Five disputations of church-government and worship by Richard Baxter. (London : R.W. for Nevil Simmons ..., 1659)
Five disputations of church-government, and worship
London, 1659IA 
London : R.W. for N. Simmons, 1659IA 
Five Disputations of Church-government, and Worship: I. Whether it be Necessary ... that We Restore the Extruded Episcopacy? Neg. ... V. Whether Humane Ceremonies be Necessary Or Profitable to the Church? (London : R.W., 1659)
Galwad ir Annychweledig idroi a byw, etc. [Translated into Welsh by Richard Jones. Preceded by two leaves containing texts from the Bible, the alphabet, etc. and followed by four pages containing stanzas by the translator headed “Cynfor ir Darllennydd.”] (Tros Edward Brewster, 1659)
A holy commonwealth : or, Political aphorisms, opening the true principles of government: for the healing of the mistakes, and resolving the doubts, that most endanger England at this time .. (London : T. Underhill and F. Tyton, 1659)
A Holy Commonwealth: Or, Political Aphorisms, Opening the True Principles of Government: for the Healing of the Mistakes, and Resolving the Doubts, that Most Endanger and Trouble England at this Time ... (T. Underhill and F. Tyton, 1659)
A key for Catholicks, to open the jugling of the Jesuits, and satisfie all ... whether the cause of the Roman or Reformed churches be of God; and to leave the reader utterly unexcusable that after this will be a papist .. (London : R.W., 1659)
A key for Catholicks, to open the jugling of the Jesuits, and satisfie all that are but truly willing to understand, whether the cause of the Roman or reformed churches be of God ... containing some arguments by which the meanest may see the vanity of popery, and 40 detections of their fraud, with directions, and materials sufficient for the confutation of their voluminous deceits ... : the second part sheweth (especially against the French and Grotians) that the Catholick Church is not united in any meerly humane head, either Pope or council (London : R.W. for Nevil Simmons, bookseller in Kederminster, and are to be sold by him there, and by Thomas Johnson ..., 1659)
A Key for Catholicks, to Open the Jugling of the Jesuits: And Satisfie All that are But Truely Willing to Understand, Whether the Cause of the Roman Or Reformed Churches be of God; and Leave the Reader Utterly Unexcusable that After this Will be a Papist (R. W., 1659)
Bebel, Balthasar (1632-1686)  de fr
Disputatio ethico-politica de simulatione (Viteberg., 1659)
Exercitatio philol. de phrasi Novi Testamenti (Fincelius, 1659)
Bernardus Trevisanus (1406-1490)
Traicté de la nature des l'oeuf des philosophes
Moët, 1659GB 
P. Moet, 1659GB 
Besoldus, Christopher (1577-1638)  en de
Synopsis politicae doctrinae (Noviomagum, 1659)
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