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Bochart, Matthieu (-1662)
Traitte de l'origine du service des reliques, de l'inuocation des saints des images & du culte rendu aux images des saints: Monstrant par les peres enuiron queltemps, & par quelles occasions ou moyens, ces choses ont esté introduites en l'englise chrestienne (Iean Lesnier, 1656)
Böhme, Jakob (1575-1624)  en
Aurora : That is, the Day-Spring or dawning of the day in the Orient or morning-rednesse in the rising of the Sun. That is, the root of mother of philosophie, astrologie and theologie from the true ground or a description of nature (London : John Streuter for Giles Calvert, 1656)
Bois, Jacques du (1607-1661)
Carthesius Renatus: Ofte naakte ontblooting der nijdige domme-kracht: onder den schijn van Gods-ijver, tegen de leere van Descartes verborgen (Gedrukt in't gelukkige Eyland, 1656)
Den hollenden astronomus J. D. B. gecapuchont: zijnde een antwoord op een blauw boexken genaemt Den Ingetoomden Cartesiaan (Leyden : Johannes van Sambix, 1656)
Schadelickheyt Van de Cartesiaensche Philosophie, Ofte Klaer Bewijs, hoe schadelick die Philosophie is, soo in het los maecken van Godes H. Woordt, als in het invoeren van nieuwe schadelicke Leeringen: Tot Antwoort Op de tweede en vermeerde Druck van Doct. Velthuysens Bewijs (Utrecht : Van Waesberge, 1656)
Bolton, Samuel (c.1606-1654)  en
The True Bounds of Christian Freedome. : Or a Treatise wherein the rights of the law are vindicated, the liberties of grace maintained; and the severall late opinions against the law are examined and confuted ... Whereunto is annexed a discourse of the learned John Camerons, touching the three- fold Covenant of God with man, faithfully translated (London : P.S., 1656) / added author(s): John Cameron
Borellus, Petrus (c.1620-1671)
Bibliotheca Chimica (1656)
Historiae et observationes medico-physicae: Centuriae IV. (1656)
Historiarum et observationum medicophysicarum centuriae IV... Accesserunt D. Isaaci Cattieri,... Observationes medicinales rarae Dom. Borello communicatae et Renati Cartesii vita, eodem P. Borello authore, quae omnia nunc primum in lucem prodeunt
apud J. Billaine, 1656GB 
Vitae Renati Cartesii, summi philosophi compendium auctore Petro Borello (apud J. Billaine, 1656)
Borrull, Matthias (1615-1689)
Divina Scientia futurorum contingentium, praecipue media, contra novissimos impugnatores defensa
Lyon : Borde, Arnaud, and Rigaud, 1656BSB 
Bunyan, John (1628-1688)
Some gospel-truths opened according to the Scriptures, or, The divine and humane nature of Christ Jesus, his coming into the world, his righteousness, death, resurrection, ascension, intercession, and second comming to judgment, plainly demonstrated and proved and also answers to severall questions, with profitable directions to stand fast in the doctrine of Jesus the son of Mary, against those blustring storms of the Devils temptations, which do at this day, like so many scorpions, break loose from the bottomless pit, to bite and torment those that have not tasted the vertue of Jesus by the revelation of the spirit of God (London : J. Wright the younger ..., 1656)
Burgersdijck, Franco (1590-1635)  en nl
Sphæra Johannis De Sacro-Bosco : Decreto Illustr. & Potent. Dd. Ordinum Hollandiæ & West-Frisiæ, in usum Scholarum ejusdem Provinciæ, sic recensita, Vt & Latinitas, & methodus emendata sit, multaque addita, quæ ad hujus doctrinæ illustrationem requirebantur / Operâ & studio Franconis Bvrgersdicii (Lugduni Batavorum : Elsevir, 1656)
Burgess, Anthony (-1664)  en
CXLV expository sermons upon the whole 17th chapter of the Gospel according to St. John, or, Christs prayer before his passion explicated, and both practically and polemically improved by Anthony Burgess ... (London : Abraham Miller for Thomas Underhill ..., 1656)
Burroughs, Jeremiah (1599-1646)  en
Two Treatises of Jeremiah Burroughs. The First, Of Earthly-mindedness ... The Second Treatise, Of Conversing in Heaven, and Walking with God (London : P. Cole, 1656)
Burton, William (-1616)
Godts alderheylighsten rust-dagh, kortelick verdedight tegens alle Sabbath (1656)
Busenbaum, Hermann, S.J. (c.1600-1668)
Medulla theologiae moralis: facili ac perspicua methodo resolvens casus conscientiae, ed. Gabriel de León ((Madrid)) (Ex officina Pauli de Val, a costa de Gabriel de Leon, mercader de libros, 1656)
Buxtorf, Johann, Jr (1599-1664)  en de
Disputatio theologica inauguralis de iudicio discretivo circa controversias religionis christianae / quam ... agonarcha ac promotore ... Iohanne Buxtorfio ... pro doctoratus theologici axiomate solenniter consequendo, publico examini submittit Iohannes Georgius Crocius, Ioh. fil. Hasso-Cassellanus. Ad diem XXIII. Maii ... (Basileae : Georgius Deckerus, academiae typographus, 1656)
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