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Mouchon, Pierre (1733-1797)
Sermons sur divers textes de l'Écriture Sainte, (Bonnant, 1798)
Nicole, Pierre (1625-1695)
Ensayos de moral: (1800. 359 p.), trans. Francisco Antonio Escartín (en la Imprenta Real, 1800)
Noailles, Louis Antoine de (1651-1729)
Heures imprimées par l'ordre de Monseigneur le Cardinal de Noailles achevêque de Paris (Th. Barrois, 1800)
Olevian, Caspar (1536-1587)  en de
Verklaringe der apostolische geloofs-belydenis, ofte der artykelen des geloofs; waarin de hoofdsomme des eeuwigen genade-verbonds tusschen God en de gelovigen kort en klaar verhandeld wordt: als mede twee boeken, van het wezen des genade-verbonds tusschen God en de uitverkorene, en van de ... (Gerrit Bom, 1802)
Orton, Job (1717-1783)
Discourses to the Aged (Joshua Cushing, 1801)
Ott, Johann Heinrich (c.1617-1682)
Oratio De Vera Eruditorum Gloria : Habita Occasione Promotionis Scholasticæ Die 8. Octobris 1799. (Basileæ : Flick, 1799)
Owen, John (1616-1683)  en
A brief declaration and vindication of the doctrine of the Trinity: as also, of the persn and satisfaction of Christ : accomodated to the capacity and use of such as may be in danger to be seduced, and the establishment of the truth, 8th ed. (Napier and Khull for R. Hutchison and J. Steell, 1798)
A Brief Declaration and Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity: As Also, of the Person and Satisfaction of Christ. ... By the Rev. John Owen, Part 4 (Napier and Khull, 1798)
The Lord's Supper fully considered : in a view of the history of its institution ; with meditations and ejaculations suited to the several parts of the ordinance ; to which are prefixed two discourses delivered at the Lord's table, vol. 1 (Edinburgh : J. Ogle, 1798)
The reason of faith; or, An answer unto that enquiry, wherefore we believe the Scripture to be the Word of God : Together with The causes, ways and means of understanding the mind of God as revealed in his Word and, a declaration of the perspicuity of the Scriptures (Glasgow : W. Falconer, for S. Young, 1801)
The reason of faith: or, an answer unto that enquiry, wherefore we believe the scripture to be the word of God? With The Causes and Nature of that Faith wherewith we do so. Wherein The Grounds whereon the Holy Scripture is Believed to be the Word of God with Faith Divine and Supernatural, are ... (for Stephen Young, 1801)
Salus Electorum, Sanguis Jesu, or The Death of Death in the Death of Christ: being a Treatise of the Redemption and Reconciliation, 3rd ed. (1799)
Salus Electorum, Sanguis Jesu: or, the Death of death, in the death of Christ ... The third edition (T. Johnston, 1799)
Paine, Thomas (1737-1806)
Compact Maritime: Under the Following Heads: I. Dissertation on the Law of Nations. II. On the Jacobinism of the English at Sea. III. Compact Maritime for the Protection of Neutral Commerce, and Securing the Liberty of the Seas. IV. Observations on Some Passages in the Discourse of the Judge of ... (Samuel Harrison Smith., 1801)
Le siècle de la raison: ou recherches sur la vraie théologie et sur la théologie fabuleuse (1800)
Paley, William (1743-1805)  en
Natural theology: or, Evidence of the existence and attributes of the Deity, 2nd ed. (R. Faulder, 1802)
A view of the evidences of christianity (Faudler, 1802)
Pallavicino, Sforza (1607-1667)  en it
Istoria del Concilio di Trento scritta dal padre Sforza Pallavicino ..
G. Zanardi, 1802GB 
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