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Reichel, Friedrich (1608-1653)
De Libero Arbitrio Et Gratia Themata Theologica (Francofurti Marchionum : Kochius, 1649)
Resbury, Richard (1607-1674)
The tabernacle of God with men; or, The visible Church reformed, a discourse (London, 1649)
Reveau, Georges (fl.1649-)
De rupella ter obsessa, dedita demum ...: Liber tres (1649)
Reynolds, Edward (1599-1676)  en
Israels prayer in time of trouble with Gods gracious answer thereunto, or, An explication of the 14th chapter of the Prophet Hosea in seven sermons preached upon so many days of solemn humiliation (London : Thomas Newcomb for Robert Bostock ..., 1649)
Ribadeneyra, Pedro de (1526-1611)  en es
Generale legende der heylighen met het leven Iesv Christi ende Marie (Hieronymus Verdussen, 1649)
Richardson, Samuel (fl.1643-1658)
An ansvver to the London ministers letter: from them to his Excellency & his Counsel of VVar; as also an answer to John Geree's book, entituled, Might overcomming right; with an answer to a book, entituled, The Armies remembrancer. Wherein it appears the accusations of the Army are unjust, and the Armies proceedings justified by the Word of God, and by the light of nature and reason. Also a discovery of that learning, and ordination these ministers have, and the vanity and insufficiencie thereof, by the Word of God, and that those are the things with which they delude and deceive the people. (London : I.C. for Hanah Alin, at the Crown in Popes-Head Alley, 1649)
Divine consolations, or, The teachings of God in three parts ... with an answer to the objections made against it, and Doctor Crips [sic] booke justified against Steven Geree (London : M. Simmons ..., 1649)
Rinckart, Martin (1586-1649)  en de
Die schönsten 7. Friedens-Schätze/ Damit der Allerhöchste nach so lang- und sehnlich-gehoffter ... Friedens-Hoffnung : Zu Hoch-zeitlicher Ehren-Frewde/ Den ... Herrn M.Gottfried Andreae, Trew-fleissigen Mit-Arbeiter am Hause des Herren zu Borna; Breutigam: Und ... Die ... Jungfer Marien/ Des ... Herrn Johan Dietzens ... Stadt-Richters ... Tochter: Braut: Gleich mit ihrem ... Ehestande ... gesegnet ... unnd beschehret hat / In Jubel-frewdigem Ehren-Gedächtnis gesetzet ... Von ... M. Mart. Rinckharten  ... 1649. (Torgaw : Simon, 1649)
Riolan, Jean, Jr (1580-1657)
Encheiridium anatomicum et pathologicum: in quo ex naturali constitutione partium, recessus a naturali statu demonstratur ad usum theatri anatomici adornatum (ex Officinâ Adriani Wyngaerden, 1649)
Opuscula anatomica nova
Londinium, 1649BSB 
Opuscula anatomica nova quae nunc primum in lucem proderunt instautatio magna physicae & medicinae, per novam doctrinam de motu circulatorio sanguinis in corde accessere notae in Joannis Wallaei duas epistolas de circulatione sanguinis (typis Milonis Flesher, 1649)
Opuscula anatomica nova: quæ nunc primùm in lucem prodeunt (Typis Milonis Flesher, 1649)
Rivet, André (1572-1651)  en fr
Synopsis doctrinae de natura et gratia, excerpta ex Mosis Amyraldi tractatu de praedestinatione, ... (J. Janssonius, 1649)
Rivière, Lazarus (1589-1655)
Praxis Medica, vol. 2 (Devenet, 1649)
Röber, Paul (1587-1651)  de
Disp. theol. sol. ex cap. 1. epistolae Petri posterioris, de sequentibus religionis Christ. articulis: I. de theologia, II. de scriptura (1649)
Rous, Francis (1615-1643)  en
Archaeologiae atticae libri septem (Oxford, 1649)
Archaeologiae Atticae libri septem... containing the description of the citties glory, government, division of the people and townes within the athenian territ: with an add. of their customes in mariages, burials, feastings, divinations, etc..., 3rd ed. (Oxford : Leonard Lichfield, for Edward Forrest Junior, 1649)
Rutherford, Samuel (1600-1661)  en
Disputatio scholastica de divina providentia : variis prælectionibus, quod attinet ad summa rerum capita, tradita S. Theologiæ adolescentibus candidatis in Inclytâ Academiâ Andreapolitanâ, in quâ adversus Jesuitas, Arminianos, Socinianos, de dominio Dei, actione ipsius operosâ circa peccatum, concursu primæ causæ, prædeterminatione & contenditur & decertatur : adjectæ sunt disquisitiones metaphysicæ de ente, possibili, dominio Dei in entia & non entia, & variæ quæstiones quæ ad uberiotem & exquisitiorem cognitionem doctrinæ de providentiâ divinâ imprimis conducunt
Edinburgh : George Anderson, for Robert Broun, 1649GB 
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