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Cellarius, Balthasar (1614-1689)  de
Disputatio Politica De Moneta seu Re Numaria / Quam ... in illustri Salana Praeside M. Balthasare Cellario, Francohusano Thuringo ... submittit Johannes Christophorus Dalnsteiner/ Amberga Palatinus, Ad diem Iunii ... (Ienae : Steinmannus, 1639)
Disputatio Politica, De Maiestate ac Maiestatis Iuribus / Quam ... Praeside M. Balthasare Cellario Francohusano Thuringo, Publicae t?n politik?ter?n exetasei exponit ad diem 31. Iulii. Wolff Adam Lauterbachius Sliza-Variscus (Ienae : Ernst Steinmann, 1639)
Chillingworth, William (1602-1644)
The Religion of Protestants a safe way to Salvation (Oxford : L·Lichfield, 1638)
Church of England
Constitutions and canons ecclesiasticall; treated upon by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, presidents of the convocations for the respective provinces of Canterbury and York, and the rest of the bishops and clergie of those provinces; and agreed upon with the Kings Majesties licence in their severall synods begun at London and York. 1640 ... (London : Robert Barker, printer to the Kings most excellent Majestie: and by the assignes of John Bill, 1640)
Church of Scotland
The confession of faith of the Kirk of Scotland : Subscribed by the Kings Majestie and his housholde, in the yeare of God 1580 ; With a designation of such acts of Parlament, as are expedient, for justefying the vnion, after mentioned ; And subscribed by the nobles, barrons, gentlemen, burgesses, ministers and commons, in the yeare of God 1638 (Edinburgh, 1638)
The principall acts of the solemne Generall Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland : indicted by the Kings Majestie, and conveened at Glasgow the xxi. of November 1638 (Edinburgh : heirs of Andrevv Hart, 1639)
The Protestation of the Generall Assembly of the Kirke of Scotland, and of the Noblemen, Barrons, Gentlemen, Borrowes, Ministers and Commons; Subscribers of the Covenant lately, made at the Mercate Crosse of Edinburgh the 18. of December. 1638. (Edinburgh : James Bryson, 1639)
Clarke, Samuel (1599-1682)  en
A generall martyrologie containing a collection of all the greatest persecutions which have befallen the church of Christ from the creation to our present times, both in England and other nations : whereunto are added two and twenty lives of English modern divines ... : as also the life of the heroical Admiral of France slain in the partisan massacre and of Joane Queen of Navar poisoned a little before (London : Tho. Ratcliffe for Thomas Underhill and John Rothwell, 1640)
Cloppenburg, Johannes (1592-1652)  en
De foenore et usuris, brevis institutio: cum ejusdem epistola ad Cl. Salmasium (Leiden : ex officina Elseviriorum, 1640)
Joh. Cloppenburgii De foenore et usuris, brevis institutio, cum ejusdem epistola ad Cl. Salmasium (Ex officinâ Elseviriorum, 1640)
Joh. Cloppenburgii,... Sacrificiorum patriarchalium schola sacra, in qua examinatur sacrificiorum antiquitas, usus et antiquatio. Cum spicilegio (ex officina Elseviriorum, 1637)
Sacrificiorum patriachalium Schola cum Spicilegio (Leiden : Elsevir, 1637)
Cluto, Johannes Anthonius (fl.1620-1656)
Idea s. theologiæ exemplar sanorum sermonum in fide & charitate continens, publicis disputationibus proposita & examinata in illustr. Frisiorum Acad. Franekerana (Franeker : Ex officina Ulderici Balck .., 1636)
Coccejus, Gerhard (1601-1660)
Miscellaneorum Iuris Civilis Disputatio Quinta, De Bonis Impuberis arrogati, & quarta bonorum arrogatoris ei debita : ad l. si arrogator. 22. ff. de adoption. & l. I. §. 21. de collat. / De Qua Iuvante Deo Praeside Gerhardo Coch ... Respondebit Johannes Am Ende Bremens. ad diem 15. Ianuar. ... (Bremae : Villiers, 1640)
Coccejus, Johannes (1603-1669)  en nl
Coheleth sive Ecclesiastes Solomonis : harmonica dispositione & brevi, ubi opus, verborum ac rerum expositione, ad faciliorem textus intelligentiam ac feliciorem meditationem firmioremq[ue] sententiae memoriam, illustratus (Bremae : apud Justum Colerum, 1636)
Coeffeteau, Nicolas, O.P. (1574-1623)  en fr
An epitome of the history of faire Argenis and Polyarchus, extracted out of the Latin, and put in French, by that great and famous writer, M. N. Coeffeteau Bishop of Marseilles. And translated out of the French into English by a yong gentlevvoman. Dedicated to the Lady Anne Wentvvorth. (London : E. G[riffin] for Henry Seile at the Tygers head in Fleetstreet, 1640)
Histoire romaine, contenant tout ce qui s'est passé de plus mémorable depuis le commencement de l'empire d'Auguste, jusqu'à celui de Constantin le Grand. Avec l'Épitome de Florus depuis la fondation de la ville de Rome jusques à la fin de l'empire d'Augus (A. de Sommaville, 1636)
Histoire romaine, contenant tout ce qui s'est passé de plus mémorable depuis le commencement de l'empire d'Auguste, jusqu'à celui de Constantin le Grand. Avec l'Épitome de Florus depuis la fondation de la ville de Rome jusques à la fin de l'empire d'Auguste (A. de Sommaville, 1636)
Colonius, Daniel, Sr (1566-1635)
Analysis Paraphrastica Institutionum Theologicarum Ioh. Calvini Disputationibus XLI contexta
Lugd. Batavorum : Ex Officina Elzeviriana, 1636GB 
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