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Hardy, Nathanael (1619-1670)
A sad prognostick of approaching judgment; or The happy misery of good men in bad times: Set forth in a sermon [on Is. lvii.1] preached at St Gregories, June the 13th 1658 ... (London : A.M. for J. Cranford, 1658)
Harrison, Thomas (c.1617-1682)
Topica sacra:: spiritual logick: some brief hints and helps to faith, meditation, and prayer, comfort and holiness. (London : Francis Titon, and are to be sold at the sign of the three Daggers in Fleet-street, 1658)
Hauteville, Nicolas de (1600-1660)
La théologie angélique ou l'idée du parfait docteur (Prost, 1658)
Heerwart, Heinrich Philipp (1634-1674)
Disp. de Bacchanalibus
Chemlin, 1658GB 
Giessa : Chemlin, 1658BSB 
Heidanus, Abraham (1597-1678)  en
De sabbato et die dominica disputatio. Accedit Joh. Prideaux, Exoniens. Colleg. Rect. & S. Theol. Prof. Regii tractatus de Sabbato. Item Syllabus Testimoniorum nonnullorum tum veterum tum Recentiorum Ecles. Orthod. Doctorum de Origine & natura Sabbati & die Dominicae. (Lugduni Batavorum : Henricus Verbiest, 1658) / added author(s): John Prideaux [Appended: De Sabbato et Die Dominica Disputatio II : quæ est apologetica primæ (1658)]
De sabbato et die dominico disputatio (Lugduni Batavorum : Verbiest, 1658)
Heidfeld, Johannes (1563-1624)
Sphinx theologico-philosophica, ofte de Schriftuurlijcke ende philosophische tijdtkorter: zijnde als een vvet-steen des deughts om de edele ende treffelijcke verstanden in wijsheyt te scherpen ende in allerley wetenschappen vermakelijck te oeffenen (uyt de boeck-winckel van Abraham van Blancken, 1658)
Henao, Gabriel de, S.J. (1612-1704)
De missae sacrificio diuino atque tremendo Tractatio theologica, scholastica, moralis, expositiua & canonica ...: pars prima (in typographia Sebastiani Perez, 1658)
Hewitt, John (bap.1614-1658)
Repentance and conversion, the fabrick of salvation, or, The saints joy in heaven, for the sinners sorrow upon earth : being the last sermons preached by John Hewyt ... : also an advertisement concerning some sermons lately printed, and pretended to be the Doctors, but are disavowed by Geo. Wild [and] Jo. Barwick., 2nd ed. (London : Sam Speed, 1658)
Hexham, Henry (1585-1650)  en
A Large Netherdutch and English Dictionarie : Composed Out of the Best Netherdutch Authours, with a Compendious Netherdutch Grammar... (Rotterdam : Arnovi Leers, 1658)
Heylyn, Peter (1599-1662)
Respondet Petrus: or, The answer of Peter Heylyn D.D. to so much of Dr. Bernard's book entituled, The judgement of the late Primate of Ireland, &c. as he is made a party to by the said Lord Primate in the point of the Sabbath, and by the said doctor in some others.:To which is added an appendix in answer to certain passages in Mr Sandersons History of the life and reign of K· Charles, relating to the Lord Primate, the articles of Ireland, and the Earl of Strafford, in which the respondent is concerned. (London : R. Royston at the Angel in Ivy-lane, and R. Marriot in S. Dunstans Church-yard, Fleet-street, 1658)
A short view of the life and reign of King Charles (the second monarch of Great Britain) from his birth to his burial. (London : Richard Royston, at the Angel in Ivy-lane, 1658)
The stumbling-block of disobedience and rebellion, cunningly laid by Calvin in the subjects way, discovered, censured, and removed (London : E. Cotes for H. Seile over St. Dunstans Church in Fleet Street, 1658)
The stumbling-block of disobedience and rebellion,:cunningly laid by Calvin in the subjects way, discovered, censured, and removed. By P.H. (London : E. Cotes for Henry Seile over against St. Dunstans Church in Fleet street, 1658)
Hoornbeeck, Johannes (1617-1666)  nl en
De sensu divinæ gratiæ (apud Johannem Elsevirivm, 1658)
Institutiones theologicae (ex officinâ Francisci Moyardi, 1658)
Institutiones theologicae ex optimis autoribus concinatae (1658)
Johannis Hoornbeek Orationes: habitae in Academia Ultrajectina, vol. 1 (ex officina Johannis a Waesberge, 1658)
Johannis Hoornbeek Summa controversiarum religionis: cum infidelibus, haereticis, schismaticis :id est, gentilibus, Judaeis, muhammedanis..., lutheranis, brouwnistis, Graecis (ex Office Johannis à Waesberge, 1658)
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