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Whitby, Daniel (c.1637-1726)  en
A discourse concerning I. the true import of the words election and reprobation : and the things signified by them in the Holy Scripture. II. The Extent of Christ's Redemption. III. The Grace of God ; where it is enquired, Whether it be vouchsafed sufficiently to those who improve it not, and irresistibly to those who do improve it ; and whether Men be wholly passive in the Work of their Regeneration? IV. The Liberty of the Will in a State of Trial and Probation. V. the perseverance or defectibility of the saints ; with some Reflections on the State of Heathens, the Providence and Prescience of God. To which is added a postscript, in answer to some of Doctor Edwards's remarks (London : F.C. and J. Rivington, 1817)
A discourse concerning I. The true import of the words election and reprobation, and the things signified by them in the holy scripture. II. The extent of Christ's redemption. III. The grace of God ... IV. The liberty of the will in a state of trial and probation. V. The perseverance or ..., 3rd ed. (F. C. and J. Rivington, 1816)
A discourse concerning, i. The true import of the words election and reprobation [&c.]., 4th ed. (1817)
Whitefield, George (1714-1770)
Eighteen sermons
ed. Andrew Gifford (J. Tiebout, 1809)GB 
Eighteen sermons, preached by the late Rev. George Whitefield, A.M., trans. Joseph Gurney (John Tiebout, 1809)
Whitehead, John (c.1740-1804)
The Life of the Rev. Charles Wesley: Late Student of the Christ-church, Oxford, Collected from His Private Journal, 2nd ed. (John Jones, 1805)
The life of the rev. John Wesley, M.A. to which is prefixed, some account of his ancestors and relation. To which is subjoined an appendix, 2 vols
Wilcox, Thomas (1622-1687)
Le miel découlant du rocher qui est Christ (S. Guers, 1823)
Williams, Edward (1750-1813)  en
The Christian preacher: or, Discourses on preaching (W.W. Woodward, 1810)
A defence of modern Calvinism : containing an examination of the Bishop of Lincoln's work, entitled a refutation of Calvinism (London : J. Black, 1812)
A defence of modern Calvinism: containing an examination of the bp. of Lincoln's work, entitled A refutation of Calvinism (1812)
An essay on the equity of divine government, and the sovereignty of divine grace (J. Burditt, 1809)
Willison, John (1680-1750)
The afflicted man's companion: or, A directory for families and persons afflicted with sickness or any other distress (1821)
An example of plain catechising upon the Assembly's Shorter catechism ..., 2nd ed. (Published and sold by David Hogan, 1812)
A fair and impartial testimony, essayed in name of a number of ministers, elders, and christian people of the church of Scotland ... containing a brief historical deduction of the chief occurences in this church from her beginning to the year 1744 .. (Pittsburgh : Zadok Cramer, 1808)
Practical works (Glasgow : Blackie)
Vol. 1 (1816)
Vol. 2 (1816) IA 
Vol. 3 (1816) IA 
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