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Nieremberg, Juan Eusebio, S.J. (1595-1658)
Van de liefde der christenen tot Iesus Onsen Salichmaker, Godt ende mensch (Heyndrick Aertssens, 1641)
Nihusius, Bartholdus (1589-1657)
Facula in Conradi Horneii gratiam accensa ambulantis in nocte illic ubi disputat pro aristotele de modalibus (Colonia Aggrippinae : Joh. Kinckius, 1641)
Paget, John (-1638)  en
A defence of church-government, exercised in presbyteriall, classicall, & synodall assemblies, according to the practise of the reformed churches : touching I. the power of a particular eldership against those that plead for a meere popular government, specially Mr Ainsvvorth in his Animadversion to Mr Clyft, &c. II. the authority of classes and synods, against the patrons of independencie, answering in this poynt Mr Davenport his Apologeticall reply, &c. and Mr Canne his Churches plea ... (London : H.A. for Thomas Vnderhill, 1641)
Joh. Pagetii Meditatien van de doot (Dordrecht : Feeremans, 1641)
Paré, Ambroise (1510-1590)   
Les oeuures d'Ambroise Paré, conseiller et premier chirurgien du roy. Dixiesme edition, reueue et corrigée en plusieurs endroits, et augmentée d'vn fort ample traicté des fiéures, tant en general qu'en particulier, et de la curation d'icelles, nouuellement trouué dans les manuscrits de l'autheur ... (Lyon : Vefve de Claude Rigaud, & Pierre Rigaud fils, 1641)
Pareus, David (1548-1622)  en de
Chronologiae sacrae ex sola historia sacra accuratissime constructa libri tres , nunc recens in lucem editi cura et industria Philippi Parei,..., ed. Johann Philipp Pareus (Amsterdam : H. Laurentii, 1641)
Chronologiae sacrae ex sola historia sacra accuratissime constructae libri III (1641)
In Matthaei Evangelium commentarius (1641)
Parker, Henry (1604-1652)
The true grounds of ecclesiasticall regiment : set forth in a briefe dissertation maintaining the kings spirituall supremacie against the pretended independencie of the prelates ets. .. (London : Robert Bostock, 1641)
The True Grounds of Ecclesiasticall Regiment Set Forth in a Breife Dissertation: Maintaining the Kings Spirituall Supremacie Against the Pretended Independencie of the Prelates, Etc.; Together, Vvith Some Passages Touching the Ecclesisticall Power of Parliaments, the Use of Synonds, and the ... (London : Robert Bostock, 1641)
Pasor, Georg (1570-1637)  de
Lexicon graeco-latinum in N. T. (1641)
Pasqualigo, Zaccaria (-1664)
Decisiones morales
Merlus, 1641GB 
Verona, 1641BSB 
Petavius, Dionysius, S.J. (1583-1652)  en fr
Carmina (1641)
Dissertationum ecclesiasticarum libri duo, in quibus de episcoporum dignitate, ac potestate; déque aliis ecclesiasticis dogmatibus disputatur (Parisiis : Cramoisy, 1641) [2 vols. in 1]
Pithois, Claude (1587-1676)
Traitté curieux de l'astrologie judiciaire, ou Preservatif contre l'astromantie des genethliaques (1641)
Polyander, Johannes (1568-1646)  en
Disputatio theologica VII. adversus Johannem Crellium, de nomine Jehova, Christo quidem cum Deo Patre ipsius communi, sed personis ac rebus à Deo creatis incommunicabili (ex officina Bonaventurae & Abrahami Elsevir, 1641)
Preston, John (1587-1628)  en
A great sea-fight which was fought lately upon the coast of Dunkirke, between the Babylonians and the Dunkirkers as also the relation of the reason why the Babylonians came so near this way, which was to invade the Kingdom of England : how they were shipwrackt on the coasts of Egypt, and overthrowne in fight by the Dunkirkers : at the recitall of which the Soldan of Babylon strook the messonger of this ill newes, and afterwards burned his palace, wherein he and others perished (London, 1641)
Sinnes overthrow : or, A godly and learned treatise of mortification ... All being the substance of severall sermons upon Colos. 3. 5 (London : Richard Badger for Andrew Crooke, 1641)
Prynne, William (1600-1669)  en
The antipathie of the English lordly Prelacie, both to regall monarchy and civill unity : or, an historicall collection of the severall execrable treasons, conspiracies, rebellions, seditions ... of our english, brittish, french, scottish and irish Lordly Prelates against our Kings, Kingdomes, laws, liberties ... (London : Sparke, 1641)
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