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Gassendi, Pierre (1592-1655)  en fr
Quo Continentur Syntagmatis Philosophici Partis Secundae, Seu Physicae Sectionis Tertiae Membra Duo I. De Rebus Terrenis Inanimis. II. De Rebus Terrenis Viventibus, seu de Animalibus (Lvgdvni : Anisson & Devenet, 1658)
Quo Continentur Syntagmatis Philosophici, In quo Capita praecipua totius Philosophiae edisseruntur, Pars Prima, sive Logica, Itemque Partis Secundae, seu Physicae Sectiones duae priores, I. De Rebus Naturae universe, II. De Rebus Caelestibus (Lvgdvni : Anisson & Devenet, 1658)
Gautier, Jacques (-c.1674)
Considérations libres et charitables sur le recueil des Actes authentiques ramassés (1658) [A resonse to David Blondel's Actes authentiques]
Geier, Martin (1614-1680)
Civibus universitatis Lipsiensis & cumprimis S. theologiae in eadem studiosis Martinus Geier ... salutem et Spiritus S. gratiam devote precatur (Typis Ritzschianis, 1658)
Geluwe, Arnold van (1604-1675)
Beghonnen proces ofte Reden-kamp-stryt, tusschen Arnovt van Gelvwe [...], ende Ioannes Maelgie
Maximiliaen Graet, 1658GB 
Reden-kamp-stryt tvsschen eenen Vlaemschen arendt ende een Hollandtsche rave dat is den onghestudeerden Vlaemschen boer teghen Simon Ravensberghe [...] over de transubstantiatie ghestelt teghen Arnout van Geluwe (ghedruckt voor den autheur, Aernout van Geluwe, 1658)
Gerhard, Johann (1582-1637)  en de
Disputatio theologica de Strigelianismo, quam ad secularem Jubilæi Salani, d.2. ([Jena] : typis Sengenwaldianis, 1658)
Gerhard, Johann Ernst, Sr (1621-1668)  de
Isagoge Locorum Theologicorum: in quâ ea, quae in Novem Tomis atque Exegesi LL. Theolog. Joannis Gerhardi ... uberius sunt exposita, in Compendium redacta (Jena : Sengenwald)
Vol. 1 (1658)
Vol. 2 (1658) BSB 
Glass, Salomon (1593-1656)  en de
Selecta Scripturae Divinae Davidicae : Davidischer Schrifft-Kern. oder Geistreiche und Heilsame Betrachtungen. Etlicher Trost- und Lehrreiche[n] Psalmen und Sprüchen deß Königlichen Prophete[n] Davids (Nürnberg : Endter / Endter, 1658)
Goodwin, Philip (-1667)  en
The mystery of dreames, historically discoursed; or A treatise; wherein is clearly discovered, the secret yet certain good or evil, the inconsidered and yet assured truth or falsity, virtue or vanity, misery or mercy, of mens differing dreames.: Their distinguishing characters: the divers cases, causes, concomitants, consequences, concerning mens inmost thoughts while asleep. With severall considerable questions, objections, and answers contained therein: and other profitable truths appertaining thereunto. Are from pertinent texts plainly and fully unfolded. (London : A.M. for Francis Tyton at the Three Daggers near St Dunstans Church in Fleet-street, 1658)
Goodwin, Thomas (1600-1680)  en
A fair prospect shewing clearly the difference between things that are seen & things that are not seen, in a sermon preached at the funeral of the Honourable Lady Judith Barrington at Knebworth in Hertfordshire (London : A. Maxey for John Rothwell ..., 1658)
Opuscula quaedam... Thom. Goodwin... Collegii Magdalenensis apud Oxonienses praesidis... quorum syllabus hic est (1658)
De toets-steen van eens Christens wasdom, vol. 1 (voor Jan Hendricksz., 1658)
Grotius, Hugo (1583-1645)  en nl
?Hugonis Grotii ?Annales et historiae de rebus Belgicis (Joannis Blaeu, 1658)
Annales et historiae de rebus belgicis (1658)
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