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Hall, Thomas (1610-1665)  en
Comarum akosmia the loathsomnesse of long haire, or, A treatise wherein you have the question stated, many arguments against it produc'd, and the most materiall arguguments [sic] for it refell'd and answer'd : with the concurrent judgement of divines both old and new against it : with an appendix against painting, spots, naked breasts, &c. (London : J.G. for Nathanael Webb and William Grantham ..., 1654)
Hammond, Henry (1605-1660)
An ansvver to the animadversions on the dissertations touching Ignatius's epistles, and the episcopacie in them asserted. By H. Hammond, D.D. (London : J.G. for Richard Royston, at the Angel in Ivie-lane., 1654)
Of fundamentals in a notion referring to practise by H. Hammond. (London : J. Flesher for Richard Royston ..., 1654)
A reply to the Catholick gentlemans answer to the most materiall parts of the booke Of schisme whereto is annexed, an account of H.T. his appendix to his Manual of controversies, concerning the Abbot of Bangors answer to Augustine (London : J.G. for R. Royston ..., 1654)
A vindication of the dissertations concerning episcopacie from the answers, or exceptions offered against them by the London ministers, in their Jus divinum ministerii evangelici (London : J.G. for Richard Royston ..., 1654)
Hardy, Nathanael (1619-1670)
Death's alarum: or, Security's warning-piece. A sermon preached ... at the funerall of Mrs. Mary Smith (daughter of Mr. Isaac Colfe) ... (London : J.G. for N. Web, 1654)
Harris, Robert (1581-1658)  en
The works of Robert Harris once of Hanwell, now president of Trinity College in Oxon, and Doctor of Divinity. Revised, corrected, and now collected into one volume. With an addition of sundry sermons: some, not printed in the former edition; others, never before extant.
London : James Flesher, for John Bartlet the elder, and John Bartlet the younger, 1654WAP 
Haunold, Christoph, S.J. (1620-1689)
Infallibilitate Ecclesiae Romanae notae responsoriae (Haugenhofer, 1654)
Pro infallibilitate Ecclesiae Romanae notae responsoriae ; seu succincta defensio, adversus opusculum Hermanni Conringii, cuius titulus est: Fundamentorum fidei Pontificiae concussio (Georgium Haugenhofer, 1654)
Pro infallibilitate ecclesiae Romanae notae responsoriae (etc.) Ambergae 1654 (Haugenhofer, 1654)
Redargvtio Peremptoria Errorvm Ab Hermanno Conringio, Medico Helmestadiensi, Psevdotheologo, In Duobus Libellis Contra Vicariam Romani Pontificis Potestatem, eiusque cum Concilio in definiendis Fidei controversijs Infallibilitatem admissorum (Haenlinus, 1654)
Heereboord, Adrian (1614-1661)  en
Meletemata philosophica, maximam partem metaphysica (Lugduni Batavorum : ex officina Francisci Moyardi, 1654) [[Appended: Meletemata philosophica, naturalis, moralis, rationalis]]
Meletemata philosophica, maximam partem, metaphysica
ex officina Francisci Moyardi, 1654GB 
Leiden : ex officina Francisci Moyardi, 1654UU 
Philosophia, naturalis, moralis, rationalis (Moyardi, 1654)
Heidegger, Johann Heinrich (1633-1698)  en de
Disputationum historicarum de origine errorum pontificiorum circa s. scripturam prima / quam ... praeside Joh. Henrico Hottingero ... ventilandam suscipient Nathanael Mittelholzeri, Melchior Mittelholzeri, Casparus Schlumpfius, Jacobus Martius, Laurentius Reinspergius, San-gallenses. Ad diem 23. Augusti, MDCLIV. (Tiguri : typis Joh. Henrici Hambergeri, 1654)
Herle, Charles (c.1597-1659)  en
Worldly Policy and Moral Prudence: The Vanity and Folly of the One, the Solidity and Usefulnesse of the Other : in a Moral Discourse (London : Sa. Gellibrand, 1654)
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