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Stapfer, Johann Friedrich (1708-1775)  de
Institutiones theologiae polemicae universiae, ordine scientifico dispositae, vol. 5 (Zürich : apud Heideggerum et Socios, 1756)
Johann Friedrich Stapfers, Predigers des göttlichen Worts zu Diesbach, Grundlegung zur wahren Religion (Hirschfeld : Mohr, 1756)
Stebbing, Henry (bap.1687-1763)  en
A discourse [on Luke xiii. 3, 5] preparatory to the religious observance of the day of publick fasting and humiliation, appointed ... to be kept ... the sixth of February 1756, 3rd ed. (1756)
A discourse preparatory to the religious observance of the day of publick fasting and humiliation: appointed by authority, to be kept on Friday the sixth of February 1756, ... By Henry Stebbing, Part 4 (E. Owen; and sold by W. Johnston, 1756)
The Young Christian Instructed ... The Ninth Edition, Corrected and Improved (1756)
Stukeley, William (1687-1765)
The philosophy of earthquakes, natural and religious : Or An inquiry into their cause, and their purpose. ...
London : A. and C. Corbett ..., 1756IA 
Sykes, Arthur Ashley (1684-1756)
The Scripture doctrine of the redemption of man by Jesus Christ in two parts ... (A. Millar, 1756)
Taylor, John (1694-1761)
The Lord's Supper Explained Upon Scripture Principles: And Adapted to the Use of Common Christians. By John Taylor, ... (J. Waugh and W. Fenner, 1756)
Tournely, Honoré (1658-1729)
Continuatio praelectionum & c. sive Tractatus de Universa Theologia Morali tomus duodecimus: continens cum paucis de Poenitentiâ Tractatus I. De purgatorio, II. De indulgentiis, III. De jubilaeo, IV. De unctione-extremâ, ed. Jean-Baptiste Garnier ((París)) (apud Joan-Bapt. Garnier, 1756)
Tucker, Josiah (1712-1799)
The case of the importation of bar-iron, from our own colonies of North America (1756)
An Essay on the Advantages and Disadvantages which Respectively Attend France and Great Britain, with Regard to Trade. With Some Proposals for Removing the Principal Disadvantages of Great Britain, 4th ed. (1756)
Vandermonde, Charles Augustin (1727-1762)
Essai Sur La Maniere De Perfectionner L'Espece Humaine
Paris : Vincent, 1756ULBH 
Vol. 1 (1756) ULBH 
Vol. 2 (1756) ULBH 
Venema, Herman (1697-1787)  nl
De ware christelyke religie onderzocht en nagespoort uit Matth. V. en VI.
gedrukt by Wigerus Wigeri, 1756GB 
Vernet, Jacob (1698-1789)  en
Dialogues socratiques ou entretiens sur divers sujets de morale
Instruction chrétienne (Gosse, 1756)
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