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Horneck, Anthony (1641-1697)
A sermon preached at the solemnity of the funeral of Mrs. Dorothy St. John, fourth daughter of the late Sir Oliver St. John, Knight and Baronet, of Woodford in Northamptonshire, in the parish church of St. Martins in the Fields, on the 24th of June, 1677 by Anthony Horneck ... (London : James Collins ..., 1677)
Hornius, Georgius (1620-1670)  de
Historia ecclesiastica ... (1677)
Howe, John (1630-1705)  en
A post-script to the late letter of the reconcileableness of God's prescience, &c. by John Howe ... (London : Brabazon Aylmer ..., 1677)
The reconcileableness of God's prescience of the sins of men with the wisdom and sincerity of his counsels, exhortations, and whatsoever other means he uses to prevent them (London : Brabazon Aylmer ..., 1677)
Huber, Ulrich (1636-1694)  en nl
Digressiones Justinianeae, quibus varia et praesertim humaniora juris continentur (1677)
Hunnius, Nikolaus (1585-1643)  en de
Ministerii Ecclesiastici Lubecensis Theologica Consideratio Interpositionis, seu pacificatoriae Transactionis, inter Religionem Lutheranam ex una, & Reformatam ex altera parte profitentes, abs D. Johanne Duraeo, Ecclesiaste Britanno, his temporibus tentatae (Wittenberg. : Hartmannus, 1677)
Jansen, Cornelius (1585-1638)
Pentatechus, sive commentarius in quinque libros Moysis (apud viduam Ioannis Du Puis, 1677)
Pentateuchus siue Commentarius in quinque libros Moysis (Beaujollin, 1677)
Pentateuchus: sive Commentarius in 5 libros Moysis (1677)
Pentateuchus: sive Commentarius in quinque libros Moysis (1677)
Tetrateuchus sive Commentarius in Sancta Jesu Christi Evangelia (apud Ioannem Baptist. de Ville, 1677)
Jurieu, Pierre (1637-1713)  en fr
Les devoirs de la persévérance ou sermon sur ces paroles de l'Epître aux Hébreux chap. 12 vers. I
O. de Varennes, 1677GB 
Les devoirs de la persévérance, sermon sur Hébr. 12, 1, pron. à Charenton (1677)
Traité de la dévotion (1677)
Traité de la dévotion par Pierre Jurieu (Vendosme, 1677)
Traité de la puissance de l'Eglise dans lequel on découvre la source de cette puissance par Jurieu (Lucas, 1677)
Traité de la puissance de l'Eglise dans lequel on découvre la source de cette puissance... Divisé en diverses lettres écrites à M.... D. à l'occasion de ses ecrits contre la jurisdiction ecclesiastique (Jean Lucas, 1677)
Keach, Benjamin (1640-1704)  en
War with the devil : or the young man's conflict with the powers of darkness .. (Coventry : and for P. Luckman and sold by J. Fuller, 1677)
Knorr von Rosenroth, Christian (1636-1689)  en de
Kabbala denudata, seu, doctrina Hebraeorum transcendentalis et metaphysica atque theologica : opus antiquissimae philosophiae barbaricae variis speciminibus refertissimum / [Knorr von Rosenroth, Christian] (Sulzbaci : typis Abrahami Lichtenthaleri, 1677)
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