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Gernler, Lucas (1625-1675)
Epidecia, In Obitum Luctuosiss. Celeberr. V. Johannis Buxtorfii Theologi Et Philologi (Decker : Basileae, 1665)
Oratio Parentalis: Venerandi Excellentißimiq[ue] Viri Dn. Johannis Buxtorfii, SS. Theol. Doctoris, Veteris Testamenti, & Linguae Sanctae in Academia Basiliensi meritissimi ac celeberrimi Professoris, beatis manibus dicata, Et ibidem in aestiva Theologorum Aula Sexto Kalendas Martias Anno MDCLXV ... (Basileae, 1665)
Geulincx, Arnold (1624-1669)
Arnoldi Geulincx, Antverpiensis Saturnalia, seu (ut passim vocantur) quaestiones quodlibeticae in utramque partem disputatae. Editio secunda. Ab auctore recognita et aucta (ex officina Henrici Verbiest, 1665)
Glanvill, Joseph (1636-1680)  en
Scepsis scientifica, or, Confest ignorance, the way to science in an essay of The vanity of dogmatizing, and confident opinion : with a reply to the exceptions of the learned Thomas Albius (London : E. Cotes, for Henry Eversden ..., 1665)
Glisson, Francis (c.1599-1677)
Anatomia hepatis (1665)
Grafft, Johann (1618-1695)
Astronomia sphaerica (Tubingae, 1665)
Grawer, Albert (1575-1617)  de
Libellus de unica veritate (Typis J. Weidneri, 1665)
Libellus De Unica Veritate
Ienae : Bauhoferus Neuenhahn, 1665GDZ 
Ienae : Neuenhahn, 1665GDZ 
Libellus de unica veritate (Jena, 1665)
Libellus De Unica Veritate / Scriptus ab Alberto Grawero, D. Theologo & Philosopho celeberrimo, &c.p.m. (Ienae : Bauhoferus, 1665)
Grebenitz, Elias (1627-1689)
Tractatus theologicus de gratiae divinae universalis negatione (Francofurti ad Oderam : Literis Becmanianis, 1665)
Griffith, Matthew (c.1599-1665)
The king's life-guard, an anniversary sermon (London, 1665)
Grotius, Hugo (1583-1645)  en nl
De rebus belgicis, or, The annals and history of the Low-Countrey-warrs wherein is manifested, that the United Netherlands are indebted for the glory of their conquests, to the valour of the English, under whose protection the poor distressed states, have exalted themselves to the title of the high and mighty ... (London : Henry Twyford ... and Robert Paulet ..., 1665)
Gruber, Erasmus (1609-1684)
Lutherus Redivivus, Oder Das . . Theologische Schatz-kästlein, Von zwölff unterschiedlichen Fächlein: Darinnen allerhand nutzliche und denckwürdige Materien in zimlicher Ordnung eingetragen, Auß dem ... Jenischen Theil der Teutschen Schrifften D. Martini Lutheri S. ... Sampt einer ..., vol. 6 (Humm und Gerlin, 1665)
Gutberleth, Hendrik (1572-1635)
M. Henrici Gutheberleti Chronologia (apud Joannem Ravesteinium, 1665)
Habermann, Johann (1516-1590)  en de
Christliche Morgen- vnd AbendGebet auff alle Tag in der Wochen zu sprechen / Gestellt durch D. Johann Haberman .. (Straßburg : Josias Städel, 1665)
Hammond, Henry (1605-1660)
Hagieā theoū krisis Iudgment worthy of God, or, An assertion of the existence and duration of hell torments, in two occasional letters, written several years since (Oxford [Oxfordshire] : H.H. ..., for Ric. Royston, and Ric. Davis, 1665)
Harvey, Gideon (c.1640-c.1700)
A discourse of the plague containing the nature, causes, signs, and presages of the pestilence in general, together with the state of the present contagion : also most rational preservatives for families, and choice curative medicines both for rich and poor, with several waies for purifying the air in houses, streets, etc. (London : Nath. Brooke, 1665)
Hazart, Cornelius, S.J. (1617-1690)  en
Middaeghsche sonne-licht voor de grove duysternissen vande ghereformeerde religie, bestaende in dry samen-spraecken (Michiel Cnobbaert, 1665)
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