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Dorsche, Johann Georg (1597-1659)
Collatio ad concilium Sirmiense sub Constantio imp. habitum historico-theologica (Argentoratum : Spoor, 1650)
Collatio ad Concilium Sirmiense, sub Constantio imp. habitum historico-theologica, facta à Iohanne Georgio Dorscheo D. & Deo sospitante, in Academia Argentoratensi solennis exercitii causa proposita, ad diem Augusti respondente M. Johanne Christophoro Lichtner/ philol. & SS. theol. stud (typis Friderici Spoor, 1650)
Exegesis loci I. Tiomth. II, v. 4., de voluntate Dei salvifica
Spoor, 1650GB 
Argentoratum : Spoor, 1650BSB 
Frieden Schall Im Peters Thal : Denen bey der SaurbrunnenCur daselbst versambleten Fürstlichen/ Hochadelichen/ Hochherrlichen/ Hochansehnlichen/ unterschiedener Stätte und Ort Regiments und Rahts-personen/ [et]c. auch anderer Gottergebenen Hertzen ... fürgetragen und in truck verfertiget (Straßburg : Mülbe / Städel, 1650)
Indicis iniquitatis a Theologis ... Moguntinis ... sibi illatae ... portiones decem (Rostochium, 1650)
Du Moulin, Pierre (1568-1658)  en fr
Capuciner : Quai ais un zuond dalataivel e nüzaivel Tractad ...
Turich : Hamberger, 1650BSB 
Capuciner, quai ais, Un zuond dalataivel e nüzaivel tractad : in ilg qual vain descrit e considerà: la parschandüda, ilgs vuts, reiglas & disciplina dals Capuciners / in ilg prüm fat oura in ilg languack Francës, tras ilg Reverend & fick allatrad Petrum Molinaeum, Serviaint dalg plaed da Dieu à Sedan in Frauntscha. Et lura eir stat mis in Tudaischk ; mo huossa mis in Romaunsch, è con brick paucas, mo nüzaivles observatiuns adampchià tras Joan Pitschen Salutz, Minister dalg plaed da Dieu pro la Christiauna Baselgiada da Laguin in Aengadina zuot (Schquitschà in Turich : tras Heinrich Hamberger ..., 1650)
Capuciner; quai ais, Un zuond dalataivel e nüzaivel tractad in ilg qval vain descrit e considerà: la parschandüda, ilgs vuts, reiglas & disciplina dals Capuciners. (Tvrich : Hamberger, 1650) [Written in Romansh, a dialect of the Lower Engadine]
Defence de la religion reformee, et de la monarchie et Eglise anglicane, contre l'impieté & tyrannie de la ligue rebelle d'Angleterre (s.n, 1650)
La vie et la religion de deux bons papes, Léon I et Grégoire I (1650)
La vie et religion de deux bons papes Leon premier et Gregoire premier
Sedan, 1650BSB 
Dürr, Johann Conrad (1625-1677)
De iure naturae exercitatio philosophica (Helmaestadi, 1650)
Dury, John (1596-1680)  en de
Considerations concerning the present engagement, whether it may lawfully be entered into; Yea or no? By J. D., 4th ed. (London, 1650)
Just re-proposals to humble proposals. Or An impartiall consideration of, and answer unto, the humble proposals, which are printed in the name of sundry learned and pious divines, concerning the Engagement which the Parliament hath ordered to be taken. Shewing, how farre those proposals are agreeable to reason, to Christianity and to policie. How the proposers thereof may receive satisfaction therein, in all these respects. Hereunto are added, The humble proposals themselves; because they are not currantly to be found. Written by John Dury. January 7. 1650. Imprimatur, Joseph Caryl. (London : J.C. for Richard Wodenothe, at the Starre under St. Peters Church in Cornhill, 1650)
The reformed librarie-keeper with a supplement to The reformed-school, as subordinate to colleges in universities (London : William Du-Gard, and are to bee [sic] sold by Rob. Littleberrie ..., 1650)
Eckard, Heinrich Martin (1615-1669)
Bona Verba Viro Reverendo, Clarißmo atq[ue] Excellentißimo Dn. Henrico Martini Eccardo, in Academia Hasso-Schaumburgica SS. Theologiae Professori Ordinario Quum Ipsi Supremus in Theologia gradus in illustri Elmum Iulia solenniter tribueretur / data a Suis quondam Rintelii discipulis nunc amicis die X. Decembr. (Helmaestadi : Henning Müller, 1650)
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