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Voetius, Gisbertus (1589-1676)  en nl
Proeve van de kragt der godzaligheid ... (Pieter Koumans, 1763)
Vriemoet, Emo Lucius (1699-1760)
Athenarvm Frisiacarvm libri dvo. qvorvm alter: praeter historiam academiae, qvae est franeqverae elogia seremiss. & ampl. ephororvm. alter, cl. professorvum, serie secretariorvm, bibliothecariorvm, nec non inspectorvm. oeconomiae pvblicae, a natalibvs eivs ad praesens aevvm vsqve, complectitvr
Leovardiae : H. Ae. de Chalmot, 1763GB 
Vriemoet, Johannes (1703-1726)
Dissertatio epistolaris de brabeio apocalyptico, Apoc. ii: 17 (Leovardiae, 1763)
Wallis, John (1616-1703)  en
Institutio logicæ: ad communes usus accommodata (apud J. Fletcher [and 4 others], 1763)
Warburton, William (1698-1779)  en
The doctrine of grace, or, The office and operations of the Holy Spirit vindicated from the insults of infidelity, and the abuses of fanaticism, 3rd ed. (London : A. Millar, and J. and R. Tonson, in the Strand, 1763)
Watts, Isaac (1674-1748)  en
Logick: or, The right use of reason in the inquiry after truth. With a variety of rules to guard against error, in the affairs of religion and human life, as well as in the sciences, 12th ed. (J. Buckland, 1763)
Witasse, Charles
De Locis Theologicis
Vindobonae : Trattner, 1763BSB 
Witherspoon, John (1723-1794)  en
Ecclesiastical characteristics: or, the arcana of church policy. ... wherein is shewn a plain and easy way of attaining to the character of a moderate man, as at present in repute in the Church of Scotland (printed in the year, 1763)
A serious apology for the Ecclesiastical characteristics: By the real author of that performance (Sands, Murray, and Cochran. For William Gray, 1763)
Witsius, Herman (1636-1708)  de en
The Oeconomy of the Covenants between God and Man. Comprehending a Complete Body of Divinity (London : Edward Dilly)
Vol. 1 (1763)
Vol. 2 (1763) GB 
Vol. 3 (1763) GB 
Wolff, Christian (1679-1754)  en de
Institutiones iuris naturae et gentium (Renger, 1763)
Institutiones juris naturæ et gentium in quibus ex ipsa hominis natura continuo nexu omnes obligationes et jura omnia deducuntur (1763)
Zaccaria, Francesco Antonio, S.J. (1714-1795)
Laudensium episcoporum series a Ferdinando Ughellio primum contexta deinde a Nicolao Coletio aliquantulum aucta, nunc tandem a Francisco Antonio Zaccariae restituta & emendata... locupletata. Accedit duplex dissertatio... (Apud Joseph Galeatium, 1763)
Zinzendorf, Nicolaus Ludwig (1700-1760)  en de
Auszüge aus des seligen Ordinarii der Evangelischen Brüder-Kirche sowol ungedrukten als gedrukten Reden über biblische Texte: Über das erste Buch Mose, vol. 1 (Barby : Seminario Theol., 1763)
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