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Hahn, Heinrich (1605-1668)
Autoritate Et Decreto Amplissimi Senatus ICtorum Praeside Nobilissimo, Excellentissimo. Dn. D. Henrico Hahnen ... De Ambitu Ecclesiastico Simonia Discursum Pro Licentia Summum In Iure Utroque Doctoris Gradum, Honores, Privilegia Et Insignia Capessendi Ad Examen Eruditorum Solemne Expono Joann-Christian Gueinz Hallens. Saxo Ad Diem IV. Septembr. Horis Ante Et Pomeridianis In Novo Iuleo (Elmipoli : Henning Müller, 1656)
Hammond, Henry (1605-1660)
Deuterai phrontides, or, A review of the paraphrase & annotations on all the books of the New Testament with some additions & alterations (London : J. Flesher for R. Royston ..., 1656)
Ektenesteron, or, The degrees of ardency in Christs prayer reconciled with his fulnesse of habitval grace in reply to the author of a book, intituled, A mixture of scholastical divinity with practical (London : R. Royston ..., 1656)
Hart, John, S.J. (-1586)
The everlasting joys of heaven: or, The blessed life of a Christian, in grace here; and in glory here-after. Set forth for the comfort and encouragement of all those that desire to fear the Lord;
London : John Andrews, at the White Lion in the Old Baily., 1656EEBO-TCP 
Heereboord, Adrian (1614-1661)  en
Disp. philos. de Deo
Lugduni Batavorum : Elsevirius, 1656GB 
Lugdunum Batavorum : Elsevirius, 1656BSB 
Heermann, Johann (1585-1647)  en de
Geistlicher Poetischer Erquickstunden Fernere Fortsetzung : Darinnen allerhand schöne und trostreiche Gebet und Hertzensseuffzer in allerley fürfallenden Nöthen und Anliegen nützlich zugebrauchen zu finden seyn ; Auff neue Poetische Art zugerichtet ; Wie auch Allerley Fest-Evangelia Gesangsweis auff bekannte Melodeyen auffgesetzet / von Johann Heermann Poet. Laur. Caesar., und weyland wolverdienten Pfarrern zu Köben (Nürnberg : Johann Andreas Wolfgang Endter der Jüngere ErbenEndter, 1656)
Mons Oliveti, Oder: Christliche Betrachtung Der Blutsauren Arbeit Welche unser Hochverdienter Erlöser Jesus Christus Im Garten am Oelberg verrichtet : In Zwey und Zwantzig Predigten fürgestellt / von Johann Heermann weyland wolverdienten Pfarrern zu Köben (Nürnberg : Johann Andreas Wolfgang Endter der Jüngere ErbenEndter, 1656)
Poetische Erquickstunden : Darinnen allerhand schöne und trostreiche Gebet nutzliche Erinnerungen und nohtwendige Anmahnungen für Angefochtene Krancke und Sterbende zu finden seyn / Auff neue Poetische Art zugerichtet. Von Johann Heermann ... (Nürnberg : Johann Andreas Wolfgang Endter der Jüngere ErbenEndter, 1656)
Heidanus, Abraham (1597-1678)  en
Bedenkingen, op den staat des geschils, over de Cartesiaensche philosophie, ...: en op de nader openinghe over eenige stucken de theologie raeckende (Rotterdam : Johannes Benting, 1656)
Heidegger, Johann Heinrich (1633-1698)  en de
Rêšît sive initium disputationum publicarum, eis kosmopoian hexaēmeron, exhibens quaestiones de vocabulo Be-rêšît In principio, Gen. I. Vers. I. (Walterus, 1656)
Herbert of Cherbury, Edward (1583-1648)
De Causis Errorum: Rectum Index sui & obliqui (1656)
Expeditio in Ream insulam (apud Humphredum Moseley, 1656)
Heylyn, Peter (1599-1662)
Extraneus vapulans: or The observator rescued from the violent but vaine assaults of Hamon L'Estrange, Esq. and the back-blows of Dr. Bernard, an Irish-deane.:By a well willer to the author of the Observations on the history of the reign of King Charles. (London : J.G. for Richard Lowndes at the White Lyon, neere the little north-door of St. Paul's Church, 1656)
France painted to the life by a learned and impartial hand. (London : William Leake ..., 1656)
A full relation of two journeys, the one into the main-land of France, the other into some of the adjacent ilands performed and digested into six books (London : E. Cotes for Henry Seile ..., 1656)
Gosmographie [sic], the fourth book [microform] : part II : containing the chorography & historie of America, and all the principal kingdoms, provinces, seas, and islands of it (London : Phillip Chetwind, 1656)
Observations on the historie of The reign of King Charles published by H.L. Esq. for illustration of the story, and rectifying some mistakes and errors in the course thereof. (London : John Clarke ..., 1656)
A survey of the estate of France and of some of the adjoyning ilands , taken in the description of the principal cities and chief provinces... by Peter Heylin... (London : H. Seile, 1656)
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