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Rainolds, John (1549-1607)  en
An excellent oration of that late famously learned Iohn Rainolds, D.D. and lecturer of the Greek tongue in Oxford. Very usefull for all such as affect the studies of logick and philosophie, and admire profane learning. Translated out of Latine into English by I.L. schoolmaster. (London : Tho. Harper for Thomas Slater and William Aderton, and are to be sold at their shops in Duck-lane, 1638)
Ramsay, Andrew (1574-1659)
A warning to come out of Babylon, in a sermon preached by Master Andrew Ramsay, minister at Edinburgh; at the receiving of Mr. Thomas Abernethie, sometime Jesuite, into the societie of the truely reformed Church of Scotland. (Edinburgh : In King James his College, by George Anderson, 1638)
Randolph, Thomas (1605-1635)
Poems with the Muses looking-glasse: and Amyntas¨ By Thomas Randolph Master of Arts, and late fellow of Trinity Colledge in Cambridge. (Oxford : Leonard Lichfield printer to the Vniversity, for Francis Bowman, 1638)
Reformed Church of Switzerland
Gebätt an dem allgemeinen Fast- und Bättag : gehalten in der Statt und Landschafft Zürich, Zinstags den 27. Hornung 1638 (Zürich : Johann Jacob Bodmer, 1638)
Reynolds, Edward (1599-1676)  en
Meditations on the holy sacrament of the Lords last Supper Written many yeares since by Edvvard Reynolds then fellow of Merton College in Oxford. (London : ImFelix Kyngston for Robert Bostock, and are to be sould at his shop in S. Pauls Church-yard at the signe of the Kings Head, 1638)
A sermon touching the peace and edification of the church preached at the second triennial visitation of the right reverend father in God, Francis Lord Bishop of Peterborough, at Daventry in Northamptonshire, July 12. 1637 (London : Robert Bostock, at the signe of the Kings Head in St Paul's Church-yard, 1638)
Rinckart, Martin (1586-1649)  en de
Der Sonnen-Clare Im Elysischen Garten-Beth entsprungene Rein-arts-Born : zu Borna/ in Meyssen/ enddecket/ Und in einem ... köstlich- und künstlich- Auß-gehawenen Stein gefasset und eröffnet Im Jahr ... 1638. am 3. Tage des H. Christ-Monats ; [Bey Hochzeitlicher Ehren-Frewde Des ... Esaias Hawensteins ... Ampt-Schöffers zu Borna Bräutigams/ Und ... Claren-Elisabethen ... Simon Rein-Arts ... Tochter Braut] / [Zu mit-frewdigen Ehren auffgesetzet von M. Martin Rinckarden] ([Leipzig] : Lanckisch, 1638)
Rivet, André (1572-1651)  en fr
Antidotum contra pestem & malorum omnium alezēma: Meditatio in Psal. XCI Epistolae duae, una, de pestis contagio et fuga, altera de termino vitae fatali an mobil?, vol. 1 (ex Office J. Biesii typ., 1638)
Homilia de origine erroris (1638)
Meditationes in 7 psalmos poenitentiales (1638)
Rous, Francis (1579-1658)
The heavenly academie. (London : Robert Young for John Bartlet, and are to be sold at his shop in Pauls Church-yard neere St. Austins gate, 1638)
Rupert of Deutz (1075-1129)
Ruperti abbatis monasterii S. Heriberti Tuitiensis... operum tomus secundus (Sumptibus Caroli Chastellain, 1638)
Ruperti abbatis monasteriis heriberti... Opera quotquot hactenus haberi potuerunt, auctiora et correctiora quam antea. Cum duobus indicibus... (Sumptibus Caroli Chastellain, 1638)
Salian, Jacques, S.J. (1557-1640)
Christi ascensionem (Kinchius, 1638)
Enchiridium chronologicum sacrae et prophanae historiae a mundo condito ad Christi Domini ascensionem, id est Annalium ipsiusque epitomes medulla ex annalibus, ed. Johann Kinckius ((Colonia)) (Apud Ioannem Kinchium, 1638)
Enchriridium chronologicum sacrae et prophanae historiae (Joh. Kinchius, 1638)
Salmasius, Claudius (1588-1653)  en
De usuris liber
ex officina Elseviriorum, 1638GB 
Ex Officina Elzeviriorum,MDCXXXVIII. [1638], 1638GB 
De Usuris liber, Claudio Salmasio auctore (1638)
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