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Whiston, William (1667-1752)
Primitive Christianity reviv'd : in four volumes ... (London : author)
Vol. 1 (1711)
Vol. 2 (1711) IA 
Vol. 3 (1711) IA 
Vol. 4 (1711) IA 
Whitby, Daniel (c.1637-1726)  en
Additional annotations to the New Testament; with seven discourses; and an appendix, entituled: Examen variantium lectionum Johannis Millii in Novum Testamentum (1710)
Additional Annotations to the New Testament: With Seven Discourses; and an Appendix Entituled Examen Variantium Lectionum Johannis Millii, S.T.P. in Novum Testamentum (W. Bowyer, 1710)
A Discourse Concerning: I. The True Import of the Words Election and Reprobation ... II. The Extent of Christ's Redemption. III. The Grace of God ... IV. The Liberty of the Will ... V. The Perseverance Or Defectibility of the Saints ... (John Wyat, 1710)
Examen variantium Lectionum Johannis Millii in novum Testamentum (London, 1710)
Sermons on the attributes of God : in two volumes (London : A. and J. Churchill, 1710)
Tractatus de imputatione divina peccati Adami posteris eius universis in Beatum
London, 1711BSB 
Tractatus de imputatione divinâ peccati Adami posteris ejus universis in reatum (Wyat, 1711)
Wiedeburg, Christoph Tobias (1647-1717)
Dissertatio Theologica De Ministerio Ecclesiastico Erroribus Fanaticis ... (Helmestadii : Hammius, 1712)
Wild, Adam (-1719)
Meditationes Sacrae In Prophetam Nachum, Cuius Vaticinii Verus Pariter Ac Genuinus A Spiritu Sancto Intentus ... (Francofurti, 1712)
Wilkins, John (1614-1672)  en
The Mathematical and Philosophical Works Of the Right Reverend John Wilkins, Late Lord Bishop of Chester: Containing, I. The Discovery of a New World ... II. That 'tis probable our Earth is One of the Planets. III. Mercury: Or, The Secret and Swift Messenger ... IV. Mathematical Magick: Or the Wonders that may be performed by Mechanical Geometry, 5th ed. (London : John Nicholson, 1708)
Of the principles and duties of natural religion: two books, 6th ed. (London : Ri. Chiswell, Will. Battersby, and Will. Rogers, 1710)
Of the Principles and Duties of Natural Religion: Two Books. To which is Added: A Sermon, Preached at His Funerals by William Lloyd, 6th ed. (1710)
Willis, Richard (bap.1664-1734)  en
A Sermon Preach'd Before the Queen: In the Royal Chappel at St. James's on Sunday February the 23d, 1706/7 (H. Hills, 1710)
Willis, Thomas (1621-1675)  en
Opera omnia (Venice : sumptibus Ruinetti, & Storti, 1708)
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