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Digby, Kenelm (1603-1665)  en
Discours fait en une célèbre assemblée par le chevalier Digby... touchant la guérison des playes par la poudre de sympathie, de plus une dissertation sur le mesme sujet par le Sr. Papin... nouvellement traduite par le Sr Rault... (David Berthelin, 1673)
Donat, Christian (1640-1694)
Disputatio Philosophica Ex Theologia Naturali, De Decretis Divinis / Quae Sub Praesidio Dn. Christiani Donati ... ad ventilandum proponitur ab a. R. Johanne Schars, Stadensi, In Auditorio Maiori ad d. Xvi. Iulii ... (Wittenbergae : Hake, 1673)
Du Boulay, César Egasse (-1678)
Historia Universitatis Parisiensis Ipsius Fundationem, Nationes, Facultates, Magistratus, Decreta, Censuras & Ludicia in negotiis fidei, Privilegia, Comitia, Legationes, Reformationes, vol. 6 (Franciscus Noel, 1673)
Du Hamel, Jean-Baptiste (1624-1706)  en
De Corpore animato libri quatuor, seu Promotae per experimenta philosophiae specimen alterum, autore Joanne Baptista Du Hamel,... (apud E. Michallet, 1673)
De corpore animato libri quatuor: seu promotae per experimenta philosophiae specimen alterum. Autore Joanne Baptista Du Hamel P.S.L (apud Stephanum Michallet, viâ Iacobaeâ, sub signo Sancti Pauli, prope fontem Sancti Severini, 1673)
Dürr, Johann Conrad (1625-1677)
Christianismi per hypotheses et dogmata Socinianorum eversio, ostensa XIV. dissertationibus publice habitis: Quibus accesserunt appendices quatuor (1673)
Disputatio theologica de lucta spiritus et carnis (Altdorffi[i] : Iterum edita, 1673)
Johann. Conradi Dürrii ... triga disputationum theologicarum: quibus occasione oraculi Paulini Rom. I, 20. evincitur, quod coram iudicio divino sint ethnici, Iudaei, Muhammedani inexcusabiles
Buchta, 1673GB 
Johann. Conradi Dürrii, SS. Theol. Et Moralium Professoris Publici Triga Disputationum Theologicarum : quibus occasione oraculi Paulini Rom. I, 20. evincitur, quod coram iudicio divino sint ethnici, Iudaei, Muhammedani inexcusabiles (Jena, 1673)
Eachard, John (bap.1637-1697)  en
Some opinions of Mr. Hobbs considered in a second dialogue between Philautus and Timothy by the same author. (London : J. Macock for Walter Kettilby ..., 1673)
Espagnet, Jean d' (1564-1637)  fr
Enchiridion Physicae Restitvtae: In Qvo Vervs Natvrae Contentvs exponitur ... (De Tournes, 1673)
Faldo, John (c.1633-1691)  en
Quakerism no Christianity. Clearly and abundantly proved, out of the writings of their chief leaders. With a key, for the understanding their sense of their many usurped, and unintelligible words and phrases, to most readers. In three parts. By John Faldo. (London : Ben. Griffin and are to be sold by Jo. Robinson at the Golden Lyon in St. Pauls Church-yard, and Rob. Boulter at the Turks-head in Cornhill, 1673)
Faust, Johann (1632-1695)
Discussio extramundanae praesentiae Dei in spatiis imaginariis repetitae ac vindicatae (Pastorius, 1673)
Ferguson, Robert (c.1637-1714)  en
A sober enquiry into the nature, measure and principle of moral virtue, its distinction from gospel-holiness with reflections upon what occurs disserviceable to truth and religion in this matter : in three late books, viz. Ecclesiastical policy, Defence and continuation, and Reproof to The rehearsal transpos'd (London : D. Newman ..., 1673)
Flavel, John (c.1630-1691)  en
The fountain of life opened, or, A display of Christ in his essential and mediatorial glory wherein the impetration of our redemption by Jesus Christ is orderly unfolded as it was begun, carryed on, and finished by his covenant-transaction, mysterious incarnation, solemn call and dedication ... (London : Rob. White, for Francis Tyton ..., 1673)
Husbandry spiritualized, or, The heavenly use of earthly things consisting of many pleasant observations, pertinent applications, and serious reflections and each chapter concluded with a divine and suitable poem : directing husband-men to the most excellent improvements of their common imployments : whereunto is added ... several choice occasional meditations (London : Rob. White, for Francis Tyton ..., 1673)
Fourmestraux, François de, S.J. (1625-1683)
Justa defensio adversus convicia et imposturas Pseudophilalethis vanum thomistarum triumphum de scientia media temere nuper jactantis. Exponuntur ejusdem errores, et inanis conatus ad conciliandos Pseudo-August. discipulos cum neotericis thomistis auctore R. P. Franc. de Fourmestraux... (1673)
Franck, Christoph (1642-1704)
Specimen controversiarum, quæ ecclesiæ Lutheranæ cum Remonstrantibus intercedunt, ubi de iis, quæ ad locum de S. Scriptura pertinent, cum contra Remonstrantes in genere, tum nominatim contra Sim. Episcopium, Hug. Grotium, Steph. Curcellæum, aliosque disputatur, eorum sententiæ confutantur, nostræque oppositæ stabiliuntur, tribus disputationibus ventilatum (Kiloni, 1673)
Frentzel, Johann (1609-1674)
Christliches Andencken : Welches Bey Hoch-ansehnlichen Leichen-Begängniß Der ... Frauen Johannen/ Gebohrner Beckerin von Rosenfeld/ Des ... Christian Lorentzs von Adlershelm ... Ehe-Gemahlin/ Als selbiges ... am 14ten Tage des Mäy-Monats ... 1673. begangen wurde/ auß höchst-schuldiger Danckbarkeit ... erwiese (Leipzig : Michael, 1673)
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