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Alleine, Joseph (1634-1668)  en
An alarm to unconverted sinners.. (New York : American tract society, 1850)
Allen, Ethan (1738-1789)
Ethan Allen's Narrative of the capture of Ticonderoga : his captivity and treatment by the British (Burlington [Vt.] : C. Goodrich and S.B. Nichols, 1849)
Ethan Allen's narrative of the capture of Ticonderoga, his captivity and treatment by the British [microform] (Burlington [Vt.] : C. Goodrich & S.B. Nichols, 1849)
Andrewes, Lancelot (1555-1626)
Responsio ad Apologiam Cardinalis Bellarmini, ed. J. Bliss and J.P. Wilson [Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology] (Oxford : J. H. Parker, 1851)
Tortura Torti sive ad Matthaei Torti librum responsio, ed. J. Bliss and J.P. Wilson [Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology] (Oxford : J. H. Parker, 1851)
Angell James, John (1785-1859)
The Chruch in Earnest, 3rd ed., vol. 1 (1848)
An earnest ministry the want of the times, 4th ed. (Hamilton, Adams & Co., 1848)
The Flower Faded: A Short Memoir of Clementine Cuvier, Daughter of Baron Cuvier, 7th ed., vol. 1 (1850)
The olive branch and the Cross, or, The quarrels of Christians settled, according to the law of Christ, 3rd ed., vol. 1 (1850)
Protestant Nonconformity: A Sketch of Its General History, with an Account of the Rise and Present State of Its Various Denominations in the Town of Birmingham, vol. 1 (Hamilton, Adams, 1849)
Aristotle (384-322)  en
Ethicorum Nicomacheorum liber octavus et nonus. Ed ..... Adolphus Th. H. Fritzschius. - Gissae, Aem. Roth 1847 (Aem. Roth, 1847)
Arndt, Johann (1555-1621)  de en
Sechs Bücher vom wahren Christenthum und dessen Paradiesgärtlein, 2nd ed. (P. Reclam, 1850)
Vier Bücher vom Wahren Christenthum, das ist von heilsamer Busse, herzlicher Reue und Leid über die Sünde, und wahrem Glauben, auch heiligern Leben und Wandel der pichten wahren Christen nebst desselben Paradies-Gärtlein : Hrsg. vom Evangelischen Bücher-Verein (Berlin : In der Niederlage des Vereins, 1847)
Aubrey, John (1626-1697)
The natural history of Wiltshire : written between 1656 and 1691 (London : J.B. Nichols, 1847)
Bale, John (1495-1563)  en
Select works of John Bale, D.D. : Bishop of Ossory. containing the examinations of Lord Cobham, William Thorpe, and Anne Askew, and the Image of both churches
Cambridge : University Press, 1849IA 
Barclay, Robert (1648-1690)
[ Quaker ]
An Apology for the true Christian divinity, being an explanation and vindication of the principles and doctrines of the people called Quakers
Philadelphia : Friends' book-store, 1848GB 
11th ed. / London : E. Marsh, 1849GB 
An apology for the true Christian divinity: as the same is held forth, and preached, by the people called, in scorn, Quakers: being a full explanation and vindication of their principles and doctrines (Manchester : William Irwin, 1850)
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