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Dell, William (c.1607-1669)  en
The trial of spirits, both in teachers and hearers : Wherein is held forth the clear discovery, and certain downfall, of the carnal and anti-Christian clergy of these nations. Testified from the word of God, to the University congregation in Cambridge (London : E. Huntington, 1817)
Doddridge, Philip (1702-1751)
Practical discourses on regeneration, in ten sermons. To which is added The Scripture doctrine of salvation by grace through faith, 6th ed. (1817)
Fléchier, Esprit (1632-1710)
Histoire de Théodose le Grand: pour Mgr. le Dauphin (a la Libraire de la Société typographique de Méquignon, 1817)
Genovesi, Antonio (1713-1769)  
Della diceosina; o sia, Della filosofia del giusto e dell'onesto (nella Tip. chianese)
Vol. 1 (1817)
Vol. 2 (1817) GB 
Vol. 3 (1817) GB 
Gerhardt, Paul (1607-1676)  en de
Auswahl aus Paul Gerhardt's Liedern : nebst einigen Nachrichten von seinem Leben (Bremen : Heyse, 1817)
Goodwin, Thomas (1600-1680)  en
The glories of Christ, set forth, in his mediatorial character, under the several offices in His death, resurrection, ascension sittting at God's right hand, and intercession : together with The triumphs of Christ, over the empire of Satan, sin, death, and hell : To which is added, A short view of the tenderness of Christ now in heaven, to his redeemed members, under all their infirmities, here on earth (Plymouth, Eng. : J. Bennett, 1817)
Hale, Matthew (1609-1676)  en
The counsels of a father : in four letters of Sir Matthew Hale to his children. To which is added, The practical life of a true Christian, in the account of the good steward at the great audit (London : Taylor and Hessey, 1817)
The counsels of a father: in four letters of Sir Matthew Hale to his children. To which is added, The practical life of a true Christian, in the account of the good steward at the great audit, 2nd ed.
2nd ed. / Taylor and Hessey, 1817GB 
A letter of advice to his grandchildren, Matthew, Gabriel, Anne, Mary, and Frances Hale
London : Wells and Lilly, b Sold by Van Winkle and Wiley, 1817GB 
Home, Lord Kames, Henry (1696-1782)
Elements of criticism [by H. Home]., 9th ed. (1817)
Hume, David (1711-1776)
A treatise of human nature, vol. 2 (London : Thomas and Joseph Allman, 1817)
Hutton, Charles (1737-1823)
An astronomical dictionary: compiled from Hutton's Mathematical and philosophical dictionary : to which is prefixed an introduction containing a brief history of astronomy, and a familiar illustration of its elementary principles (Published and sold by Hezekiah Howe, 1817)
Jenks, Benjamin (bap.1648-1732)
Prayers and offices of devotion for families and for particular persons, upon most occasions (Albany : Websters and Skinners, 1817)
Knapp, Georg Christian (1753-1825)
Georg Christ[ian] Knappii Narratio de Iusto Iona theologo Vitebergensi atque Halensi conditaeque ab eo evangelicae Halensis ecclesiae primordiis: quam tertia evangelicarum ecclesiarum saecularia indicendi causa exposuit : Cum simulacro Ionae eiusque chirographo aeri inciso (Orphanotropheum, 1817)
Narratio de Justo Jona theologo vitebergensi atque halensi conditaeque ab eo evangelicae halensis ecclsiae primordiis: quam tertia evangelicarum eccesiarum saecularia indicendi causa (In Libraria Orphanotrophei, 1817)
La Rochefoucauld, François de (1613-1680)
Maximes et réflexions morales (Ménard, 1817)
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